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Welcome to my first blog post! I’m Lynn Lewis and I’m here to share my thoughts on The Journey. You’re probably here because you actually realize you’re ON a journey. The Journey, as I see it, is our traipse through time and karma with the goal of getting Home. This blog will create a central place to share thoughts on forgiveness as the fastest way Home, most often the forgiveness of past lives. But not always. Hey, I think forgiveness of EVERYTHING is the way to go: your spouse, your kids, your job, your childhood traumas, your weight, your trick knee, the traffic jam, the copier, the DSL service, your parents. Forgive it all and be happy!

But first, here’s my philosophy on past lives and using them to hasten your Journey Home. Your past lives have something important to tell you.  You’ve been incarnated many, many times before this life and not always on this planet. Some of you have spent lives on other planets, on stars, and in other dimensions. Some of you have had different kinds of bodies on those planets and at times, no bodies at all. You have co-created with the Divine all of those lives for the sole purpose of attaining enlightenment – that is, escaping the karmic wheel of life and all its attendant pains, problems, and frustrations.

Enlightenment is simply the shedding of blinders that prevent you from experiencing Reality. Your Reality is the same as everyone else’s: that Love is all there is. There is nothing to stop you from perceiving this Truth but your own blindness. We incarnate in order to experience life as limited beings and learn this Truth, in all its many facets, through many, many painful lessons. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that you can shorten this tough journey through the frustrating school of life by employing the greatest gift of all: forgiveness.  What is forgiveness?  It is nothing more than Right Perception. When you forgive your neighbor for doing something awful to you, you readjust your perception to see that his act was really not intended to be awful after all.  Rather, he was acting from an inner darkness borne of fear. It was his ignorant view of the situation that led him to behave badly towards you. By forgiving him, you realize that we are all on the same journey towards the same end. We truly are all in this together.

Why forgive past life traumas when there are plenty to forgive in this life? You can certainly achieve enlightenment on your present path by forgiving everything that comes your way in this life.  If it is your time to achieve enlightenment, you will do it in whatever way you believe is right for you.  If you are drawn to finding out what your past lives were, then they can be an effective, efficient vehicle for healing.

What do you do with the issues revealed in your past life reading? The scenes I see in those lives are understandable from a more objective viewpoint, i.e., you’re no longer experiencing those lives and can be more objective about what was going on. You are no longer in the moment of feeling the pain of betrayal, the breaking of bones, the loss of true love. You view them like scenes in a movie where you can get as close or as far away as you like to readjust your perception of those painful moments. In this way, you can more easily forgive those others and yourself for behaving as they did and as you did.

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about forgiving a past life “sin” is that by learning the lesson from that life, you erase the need to learn it in this or future lives. You leapfrog over future traumas to your psyche. How wonderful is that!?