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Much of this blog will be devoted to Forgiveness: how and why. If you’re going to do past life “therapy”, you’re going to have to learn how to forgive. Properly, that is. Not the way the world forgives but really and truly. Let’s start the discussion off with a broad-brush overview on why you need to practice forgiveness and how you go about doing it.

In order to accomplish true forgiveness, I believe the following principles must be agreed. If you don’t believe these things, I’m pretty sure true forgiveness is not going to happen.

  1. We are all One.
  2. We are all on a Journey back Home.
  3. We can be at different stages of that Journey.
  4. It takes a number of lifetimes to accomplish our Journey.
  5. We always act from self-interest, overlayed and heavily influenced by a sense of right and wrong.
  6. We enter a lifetime with contracts to aid and assist others on their Journey and be assisted by them on ours.
  7. The Universe was not created by a Loving God but by ourselves trying to be other than Him.

I imagine that some of this will be new to you and that you might rebel, even antagonistically. That’s OK with me. Just think about it. And don’t take my word for it. Do your own research. You can start with these two books:

  1. The Journey Home by Kryon.
  2. The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard.

Now, let’s delve a little deeper into each principle, above.

  1. We are all One. You’ve heard this a hundred times from different spiritual leaders, including the Dalai Lama, a recognized authority on love and forgiveness. What does it really mean though? I see millions of individuals on this planet and trillions of different life forms – how can we be One? Try to focus on your inner self, your soul, spirit, Higher Self. Think about how we can be connected in that way without losing our individuality. It took me a long time finally to get this concept but it rings so true.
  2. We’re on a Journey back Home. Most of you reading this will agree on the 1st principle and this one too. The idea is that we’ve somehow lost our way, that God/the Source is calling us back Home, that we are hearing/feeling the call and are trying our darnedest to get there. It’s an arduous journey, full of more pitfalls than successes, it seems. There are many religions and spiritual systems and philosophies all aiming to shed light on the path. One or several will resonate with you and it will be different for every single person on Earth.
  3. We can be at different stages of that Journey Home. You may have heard the phrase “Soul Age” or “she’s an old soul”. Think about how different people react to the same stimulus. Some behave in a mature even wise manner and some act like complete idiots. Some examples of old souls might include Ghandi and Mother Theresa. Some examples of baby or young souls might include the cast of “Jersey Shore”! Ghandi was arguably one of the wisest people of the Modern Age. Snooky and friends are arguably some of the least wise.
  4. Following easily from #3 (or preceding it) is the concept of reincarnation. If the Journey is going to be this difficult and the key to going Home is total enlightenment, one life is not going to begin to suffice. If you don’t believe in reincarnation, then you believe in a fantastical alchemy wherein your soul is magically transformed, on death, into a fully enlightened being with full understanding of the ways of God. I maintain that this defies reason. Or if you believe that Jesus died on the Cross as a sacrifice to an all-loving God, then you believe in the concept of sacrifice as a means of atoning for other’s sins. Try this instead: Love (God) does not require sacrifice from any of us. He wants us to be happy by remembering that we are all sons of God and just need to reclaim our rights and inheritance as his children. This is a tough concept to get because we’ve spent our entire existence seeing sacrifice as a requirement of Love. I say an all-loving God could not possibly want us to be unhappy. We make ourselves that way.
  5. We act from self-interest. What else could possibly motivate you to act? We are genetically programmed with a survival instinct. We do whatever we can to stay alive. In the end we may give up that urge if we think it’s for the greater good, but we do it with the belief that we benefit on a higher level in so doing. Did Jesus wake up one morning and say, “Hey, I want to be crucified!” No person in their right mind would think so. Rather, we all believe that he did it for the greater good, that in so doing he was making the world a better place. He rose above his self-interest by taking his self-interest up to that level. Conversely, the homicidal maniac also acts from self-interest albeit without the same level of attachment to a system of right and wrong. He truly believes he derives benefit from killing. He might think he’s protecting himself or he gains pleasure from the act. Either way, he’s acting from self-interest.
  6. We have contracts with each other to aid and assist on the Journey. Before we incarnate, we forge contacts with other beings to help us learn our lessons so that we can get home faster. These lessons are usually not pleasant. They can be easy or difficult. Some are seemingly insurmountable. How about child abuse? That’s pretty nearly impossible to forgive, I’ll bet you say. Well, it sure seems that way unless you apply the above principles. I know because I was a victim of childhood sexual abuse. I say, if I can forgive that guy and actually say “thanks for the lesson in forgiveness” then child abuse and every other heinous crime is forgiveable. What do you say?
  7. The Universe was created by our consciousness trying to be separate from God. I confess: this is straight from The Disappearance of the Universe and A Course in Miracles. But it makes so much sense! Why would a loving God create this awful place? Oh sure, there are lovely things that happen and lovely beings to share it with. Maybe God had a hand in the good stuff – he probably did. But what about all the horrible stuff? Tsunamis wiping out entire villages; earthquakes taking out half of Chile, NZ and Japan; childhood mortality; aging, disease, and death? You can say that Satan makes these things happen, that the classic good vs. evil scenario is responsible. But that scenario always seems to start with God creating both the good and the evil, and getting all the credit for both. Again, this just isn’t logical to me. God being Love means somebody else created the Un-love. There is no Satan; there is only us. We had the idea that we could do things without God and that created the Universe. We have only ourselves to blame for all the crap that ensues. Fortunately, we have God to bring us back to our senses. Every moment of every day. In fact, we never left his side. But that’s a discussion for a different day…

So taking the above principles into account, the basis of forgiveness is therefore established. If we’re all One, then everyone deserves the same consideration you’d give yourself. If you are always acting out of self-interest and trying to do the right thing, then so is everyone else. If they hurt you in the process, then they didn’t actually do it TO hurt you, they did it because they couldn’t help hurting you. As well, they had a contract to help you learn a lesson. So learn it and give them thanks. (Oops, you just forgave!) If the Universe deals you a crap hand, realize you and the collective unconscious created this Universe. You have only yourself to blame for how it works itself out. Forgive yourself for believing you could be happy apart from God. You can’t. Get over it. He has!