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People tend to ask me why I think knowing about and forgiving past lives is more important than working on issues in this life. Some thoughts on that below:

First off, I certainly do NOT think past lives are any more important than this life. If you want to work only on issues from this life, that should get you pretty far, if not all the way, Home. There are enough problems in this life to last a lifetime, after all! Forgiving them all, in my belief, would align your perspective enough to reach Atonement/Salvation/Home.

On the other hand, we HAVE lived past lives and they DO impact our current lives. There is a body of research by well-respected professionals that speaks to the efficacy of forgiving past life traumas to heal current life issues. Dr Brian Weiss, noted psychiatrist and author of Many Lives, Many Masters, has healed many patients with his ground-breaking past life therapy via hypnosis. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, internationally renowned author and pioneer of practical spirituality, proves in her book Reincarnation: The Missing Link in Christianity, that the idea of reincarnation was an important part of Jewish and Early Christian thought. The church in Emperor Constantine’s time, however, found the topic inconvenient enough to write out of orthodox Christian doctrine.

In the end, if you have tried everything else and still can’t find a reason for an issue (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual), maybe it is a case of a past life trauma begging to be recognized and healed.