This is the oldest life I have ever come across, either for myself or others for whom I’ve done readings. I am humanoid but not of any genus or species known to modern man. I am not on the currently known evolutionary listing, which is really cool! I was a boy child in this lifetime who lived to the ripe old age of 9 and attained the towering height of under three feet tall. I walked erect, had hair only on my head and it was a dishwater blonde. My eyes were a very light brown color.

My family and I lived in western Europe somewhere. When I was one year old, my father was killed by a large, prehistoric cat. Then it was just mom and me until I was nine and she was taken by a big bear. I was then on my own because although we were part of a tribe that moved around and lived together, each family took care of itself. Nobody took care of me when I was alone. I had to find my own food so I gathered nuts and berries that I could reach, like Mom and Dad had shown me how to do before they passed. I caught a few little things that needed to be cooked. I couldn’t make my own fire so I had to sneak the use of others’ fires when they had gone to sleep or weren’t attending. Since I couldn’t skin the things myself, it was really messy and I ate hair and bones, which was gross so I didn’t eat much. About 2½ weeks later, I was skin and bones and starving. Sleeping on the outskirts of the tribe and trying to keep warm by my little self. One night a large cat picked me off from the edge and that was the end of that little lifetime. Snuffed by a feline. Just like Dad.

In that life, my mother was Tony, my first huband in this lifetime. My father in that life was one of my maternal grandmother’s aunts in this lifetime.