Here’s a thought: do you believe we can incarnate as animals?

I have been asked this question many times but have not always felt comfortable with an answer one way or the other. Now, because of some readings I have done, I am ready to say definitely YES.

In fact my first reading on myself showed me myself as a white horse. The place was Roman-era Pyrenees, and I was part of a war-party coming over the mountains. The journey was arduous, with grueling footwork and inclement weather. I succumbed to the hardships and experienced myself dying on the trail, alone and left behind. My Higher Self tells me I have been an animal 27 times. I have been birds, fish, whales and horses.

I have since done past life readings for people who have been whales and birds. Their reasons for incarnating as those animals was to take a rest from being human, which is difficult stuff indeed! Who wouldn’t want to experience the completely different world of Earth’s largest-ever mammal, floating along under the ocean, swimming as far and wide as any animal can possibly travel? Or as a bird, flying above the planet, floating in thermals and swooping here and there for the pure pleasure of it?

Perhaps the experience of being an animal allows us to see things from a completely diferent perspective, a non human perspective. Or perspectives. This seems like it could be quite a valuable learning experience along the journey.

As for corroboration of my own thoughts on the matter, I haven’t come across much. Scott Blum’s Summer’s Path is an exception. Although it is a work of fiction, Blum’s intention in the book is to describe eternal truths. (Waiting for Autumn is the sequel and just as extraordinary as the first book.) He makes a strong case for animal incarnation.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these matters. Some final thoughts for your consideration:

  • Could past incarnations as birds be why most of us experience dreams of flying?
  • If animal incarnations happen, then are all animals innately the same as people? If they are, then are animals and people all Sons of God? Should I have a hamburger at lunch???