Some people will be a bit skeptical that past life (PLT) readings will help resolve problems. One question might be, what kind of questions does a PLT reading answer? Can you ask medical questions, like why are my adrenal glands all stressed out?

My answer is that nearly any question is appropriate for a PLT reading. Especially if you’ve tried many other remedies and the issue remains unsolved. This applies to issues on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual (PEMS). All PEMS levels respond to PLT therapy. Let me give you some examples from readings I’ve done for myself.

Medical (Physical): Like many middle-aged women with hormonal changes, I have exhausted adrenal glands. They tend to alter, in a bad way, my cortisol cycle so that I feel an unwelcome adrenaline rush from the moment I wake up to the minute after I’ve fallen asleep. (Try falling asleep with a racing heart, shallow breathing, and monkey mind.) In addition to supplements, reflexology, present life issue resolution, and monkey-mind-training, I have used, with success, PLT forgiveness to correct this problem.

Romantic entanglements (Emotional): Without getting too detailed here, I can tell you that in my past, there were some serious love triangle issues going on. It was very, very painful for all concerned. I tried everything I could think of to resolve it – angel readings and therapy, prayer, dialogue with the parties involved, physical separation, shamanistic healing, time, and energy work – and the heartache continued. So I delved into my past lives to find an answer. What came up were numerous lives together with these two parties in the same sort of situation! Love triangles nearly every time. We never resolved them lovingly – ever. Instead, there was homicide, suicide, and just plain meanness in every lifetime. We were being given every opportunity to resolve this lovingly and were never succeeding. This life I determined we were going to stop the horrible merry-go-round. Somehow just knowing it was a karmic lesson and forgiving all of us in those many lifetimes enabled me to let go and make the right decisions.

Altering Perspectives (Mental): See previous example.

Forgiveness of past life issues (Spiritual): Well, that’s the whole point of PLT therapy!

So you can see that this kind of therapy is effective for all PEMS issues. That is not to say that PLT therapy is for every issue. Some issues are not rooted in PLTs. But for those that are, forgiving your past lives can be the answer to your prayers.