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The other day I gave an example of how past lifetime therapy (PLT therapy) can aid in the healing of physical and medical problems. That example involved my own adrenal exhaustion and spiky cortisol issues. Still seeking resolution, I found three PLTs affecting these cranky little organs.

First life: The year was approx. 1200 A.D. and the place was the Czech Republic (not called that then, of course). I was a 40+ year old man who had taken a 20+ year old wife. She was young and beautiful, I was old and not. The mismatch was not lost on me, despite the times. (Men were expected to make the best bargain they could with a wife and I apparently did quite well. She did too, by conventional standards.) However, she was all too aware of the age difference and my unattractiveness. “Doing the deed” necessitated me forcing myself upon her. I became angry that she did not return my affection and began abusing her, both verbally and sexually. I made her life hard.

I also made my own life hard. Being mean and abusive brings terrible consequences to the abuser and I suffered constant worry and anger. She died in her 40s but I predeceased her, thank heaven for both of us. She only had to put up with me for about 5 years. FYI, this was my first husband in this life (TC).

Second life: The year was approx. 1460 A.D. and the place was Turkey. I was a late teens woman affianced to an older man in his 30s. My parents had made a good match for me but I did not share their enthusiasm: the fiance was a big, fat, hairy guy. On the wedding night, not knowing what to expect because my folks had not prepared me, I was horribly surprised when the deed was done. He penetrated me roughly, without foreplay, and with a big smile on his face. It hurt like hell, I screamed in pain, and he put his hand over my mouth and hit me. All our future sexual encounters were laced with pain and abuse.

I gave him two children, a girl and a boy, with whom he was tender and fatherlike. With me, he was always verbally and physically abusive. I spent my married life in terror of him and mercifully died after 13 years. Again, another life spent in full flight mode (fight or flight, the adrenaline response). Again TC.

Third life: The year was approx. 1640 A.D. and the place was middle Thailand. I was a 20 yr old man, married to a lovely young wife (again TC in this life). We were in love when we first got together and life was good. However, me being basically a mean bastard, eventually showed my true colors and began abusing my beautiful wife. It tore me up inside to be mean and angry all the time but I couldn’t help myself, it seems. I was also mean to our three lovely children. Opium usage became a regular part of my life, which made me even meaner. Eventually, my wife died from injuries inflicted by me. I did not kill my kids, (oh boy, good for me) and died in my 50s after more than 15 years of opium addiction. Another life spent abusing my body and my mind.

To gain any real healing effect from doing readings, the next step in PLT therapy is to forgive. Forgive everything: myself for being a rotten abuser, my spouse for “making me do it”, anything else I can think of that gives me a negative emotion. As well, I ask forgiveness for my actions from my spouse and children, both in those lives and in this one. The beauty of PLT therapy for me is that the occurences are so remote from today that the emotional charge they carry may not be as heavy as if it were happening to me now. (That’s not always the case though,.) The healing result is the same no matter where the forgiveness is applied, however.

Once the forgiveness is done, I cut etheric cords to those lives and those people (Archangel Michael does the cutting for me) in all directions of time and space. The negative effects of those lives and traumas is now nullified. I can already feel my adrenal glands responding positively! The panicked feelings of shallow breathing, heart racing, and monkey mind are considerably reduced. As the days go by, I will monitor the symptoms to see if more healing is required.

FYI, there’s another thing about PLTs that isn’t talked about much. That is the concept of “borrowing” lives. If I were to look up my Akashic Records, I would probably find that the latter two lives here were borrowed from somebody else in order that I learn my lessons. I guess I didn’t think that the first PLT would get me to do my forgiveness work when I was considering what spiritual baggage to bring with me into this incarnation. Hopefully, the forgiveness accured to the people from which the lives were borrowed too!