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Continuing the saga of healing my spiky cortisol issues, here’s the PLT I found this morning and am in process of forgiving. This turns out to be a borrowed life as well (see my previous post’s reference to “borrowing past lives”.)

The year is about 1600 A.D. and I am a North American Indian man. I live on the coast of Oregon and fish for a living. I provide fish not only for my own tribe but for others that trade with me.

I see myself getting into my boat and heading out for a day of catching fish. Now I’ve turned my head and am staring intently at the shore. I see something nearly unbelievable and am straining my eyes and mind to comprehend the sight. It turns out to be a white man. Since I’ve never seen one before – the dress and skin tone are very different – like the East Coast Indians who first saw the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, I can barely make out what I’m seeing. Looks like a man but what the heck is he wearing? And that skin color – is it a ghost or can it be he is alive with no skin color?!

Something about this sight fills me with dread. It is an all-over, deep angst about what it means to be seeing this person. As if I can somehow preview what it means for the American Indian that the White Man has discovered our lands. My mind returns to the present and I ask myself what soul age this was that could have this kind of psychic preview into the future. (See my previous post on Soul Ages and http://www.michaelteachings.com/soul_age_levels.htm). Remembering that this is a borrowed life for me, this was a Baby Soul which apparently retained high psychic abilities.

It is an easy leap to the conclusion that such angst would produce an adrenaline rush, and not in a good way. An elevated cortisol level similar to a panic attack would likely ensue. That has carried into this life for me. As I am still processing the ramifications of that PLT, I have not cut the etheric cords to that life just yet. I want to continue experiencing what he was feeling for a little while longer. To be frank, it’s kind of blowing my mind!

Another topic which I have not brought up yet but which comes forward today for consideration is the idea of jumping time lines. Not sure where I first read about this phenomenon but it has happened to me several times in my life and I know the feeling now. I believe it’s the real thing. Jumping time lines occurs when you have learned a lesson so thoroughly or changed your perspective so well that you no longer need to experience all the karma that comes along with your present time line. You get to leap over all the lessons you were going to have to go through in order to erase your negative karma on a particular point. You leap over and erase them altogether. Instead, you land in a shortened timeline on the way to your Enlightenment. That karma which you still retain is in the new timeline. Of course if you are a dedicated, hardworking student, you get to leap out of that timeline too after you’ve done your work.

I love the idea of jumping time lines because it means I’ve done my work so well, I get the reward of going to the front of the line, as it were. Also, you cannot believe the physical feeling of joy that comes with jumping! I believe it is the energy of kundalini rising, of all my chakras opening up at once. It’s not as forceful as a physical orgasm but it’s probably the same mechanism, just more graceful and flowing.

As always, comments are welcome!