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Some of my clients ask what to do once they have received their past life reading, especially if they were given information that was a little cryptic, seemingly unrelated to the questions they posed in the first place.

First and foremost, know that your Higher Self (HS) shows me these scenes from select PLTs because it knows your conscious self will get it. Maybe now, maybe later. But you will get it. Somebody else, even me, might not get it but you will. So be patient with yourself.

Secondly, if you don’t quite get the connection yet, know that this is because of some inner resistance on your part. You have literally blocked yourself from the knowledge. If you got it right away, your blockage would have been like rice paper: easy to break through. If you still don’t get it, your blockage is more like the Berlin Wall, which eventually did come down. In order to make that break-through, you will need to meditate or pray for help.

Everyone has their favorite ways to work with their HS/Soul/Holy Spirit/God/the Divine. Some pray and some meditate. I discovered the efficacy of working with angels nearly a decade ago. I also work with Jesus. For me, they give a more tangible face to God. I know they are like God and can do whatever He can do, and I enjoy working with individuals like Archangels (AAs) Michael, Raziel, and Jeremiel. I also work with Ascended Masters like Kuthumi. And I work with Jesus. In the past I have worked with Guan Yin, Mother Mary, Archangel Chamuel, goddesses, and others. This may not resonate with you so choose another way to pray or meditate. It’s all good!

Next: what do you pray for or meditate on? Ask for help with understanding the message behind your PLT. “Ask and it shall be given.” Everyone has read that but the important part is not that it’s given. The important part is that you BELIEVE it is given. In fact, building trust in the Divine is probably the entire point of being alive on Earth. That’s your job and the goal of your prayers – trusting in the Divine to bring you home. But that’s a story for another day.

So you’re meditating on the meaning of your PLT and believing that the answers are being given to you. Inspiration happens. When? Sometimes now, sometimes later. Be on the lookout for clues to your questions. They might come in the form of an idea, or in a song you hear, or on a signpost along the road. A person you really dislike might say something really useful to you. A loved one might talk about a TV show they really like. If you’re alert for your answers, they will hit you when you least expect them to.

Sometimes your blockages are quite entrenched. Here are some ways I’ve found to break through Berlin Walls:

  • Before going to sleep at night, ask the Divine for help in breaking through that wall. Your Ego goes to sleep at night with you and does not get in the way of your interaction with the Divine. You may have a dream or just wake up inspired. You might need to ask for X number of nights in a row. On the Xth day, you will probably wake up with the answer you were looking for. This method has NEVER failed me. The Divine has always already given you the answer. The only thing ever in the way of hearing it is you.
  • Use whatever rituals mean something to you for pushing the Ego out of the way so you can hear the Divine. Chant, Zen out, smudge your sacred space, lie in the grass and feel Mother Earth, go to a sweat lodge, read books that speak to you. “Seek and ye shall find.”
  • Believe that the answer has already been given to you. The Divine does not withhold what you really want and need. The Divine loves you as his creation; read the Prodigal Son story again and learn that it’s you making the dumb decisions, not Him.
  • Talk about your PLT session with me or someone else whom you think might help shed some light. If you’re too close to the issue, someone else who knows and loves you might have the perspective you need to hear.

Some of you have seen the movie Bruce Almighty. There is a funny scene in the beginning of the movie where Bruce (played by Jim Carrey) is driving down the road at night asking God for a sign, any sign. He’s so worked up, he can’t see that his answers have been staring him in the face. He passes road sign after road sign warning him of dangers up the road. He’s so busy yelling at God for not answering him that he fails to see the signs and crashes his car in the aforementioned “danger”. It’s funny because it’s so human!

Once you’ve got the message, you need to do the forgiveness work in order to reap the healing benefit of that PLT. I will talk about forgiveness in a later post.

What methods do you use for pushing the Ego out of the way? What has worked for you in the past? Examples of healing and forgiveness would be most welcome!