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Under the dual headings of “what kind of questions do past life readings answer” and “healing physcial issues with PLTs”, here is another PLT reading for myself. I share it here to show how you can work with your PLTs instead of downing pharmaceuticals. (Of course, I do not purport to give medical advice in this post or anywhere in my blog. Use these suggestions as part of your total wellness program!)

In the continuing search for balanced hormones and an even-keeled cortisol cycle (see previous posts on spiky cortisol), I found a PLT set in 803 A.D. in Turkey. This was another borrowed life (see previous posts for explanation). I was a again an older man married to a young, beautiful wife who didn’t love me. I loved her and yearned for her affection. Alas, I never earned it and became angry at her for not returning my feelings. She gave me 2 children whom I adored. However, I became abusive to her because I could not love her the way I wanted to. I was angry all the time and eventually died of a heart attack, i.e., a broken heart.

What to do with this PLT? By now it should be obvious: forgive her, myself and that entire life for being so hard on us! My wife in that life is my husband in this. As you have read, he and I have shared many, many lives together, many of them in love triangles and other difficult situations. Once I forgave the two of us in this particular life, I cut the cords to ourselves in that life and ask AA Michael to transmute the energy released into unconditional love. This is just a nice visual & tangible way to effect the idea of forgiveness of that lifetime.

As far as healing effects on my adrenals glands and cortisol levels, I will not say that just doing PLT therapy is responsible. Although I have been feeling less and less “spiky” from elevated cortisol, I must add that there are more modalities being applied than just PLT therapy. For instance, I take Adrenal Support capsules in the morning and at lunchtime. I use reflexology to calm my adrenals down. I have cut out all caffeine and sugar from my diet, as well as reduced animal flesh and junk food. At night I still need to take Valerian Root and Melatonin to sleep.

All this points to the efficacy of a WHOLISTIC approach to healing. One must bring to bear all modalities available to effect healing. A Course in Miraclessays that all such things are just “magic pills” that we use because we are unable, at our present evolutionary stage, to realize that we are already healed. Well, count me in that stage. Call me childish and bull-headed because although I am able to agree on a theoretical level that I am not ill now, I simply cannot believe it enough to feel 100%. Yet.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about PLT therapy as applied to that other bane of middle-aged women’s existence: impossible-to-get-rid-of excess weight!