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Before you flip out at the outrageous title I’ve given this post, realize that that’s only partially true. There is a difference between “healing” and “mastering”. Someone brought this difference to my attention the other day and I wanted to talk about it in some detail here.

I first heard about this idea of mastering immovable challenges in our lives back in ’06 at a wonderful course called “Soul Therapy” by Elizabeth Foley. (Find her at http://www.divinehealing.us/. She is a highly gifted, practically-oriented teacher of things metaphysical. You cannot believe the amazing things one can learn in her Soul Therapy class.) Here’s how it works, and I quote from her literature so as to get it right. She got this from author Steven Rother:

“When each soul plans an incarnation, there are numerous ways in which we can create the experience we need in order to reach personal and spiritual mastery. […] We are the ones who set up and arrange before our incarnation these contracts to come to use in one of two ways: either they come through the experience of an energy stamp or they come through the wiring of an energy matrix. The manner in which we master our life lesson(s) will depend on whether we have chosen an energy matrix or an energy stamp to facilitate it.” (Soul Therapy© Practitioner Certification Program, Session II, p. 11, 2006.)

Basically, a stamp is something you can heal, albeit with a great deal of work. A matrix you cannot – you have to master it. That is, learn to live with it. Make it something that you deal with gracefully. Let its energy flow through you without doing any damage. Here’s an example of each one.

Someone might choose to come into this incarnation with an energy stamp to learn the life lesson of Acceptance. Acceptance is pretty much self-esteem. Many women incarnate to learn this lesson, as it is a particulary difficult one for some of us. You can imagine a young woman with self-esteem issues eventually overcoming them and standing up for herself. This would show that she had overcome the stamp – it was actually healed and done.

Another person might choose to learn the same life lesson of Acceptance, but with an energy matrix. In that case, no matter how many times the lesson presents itself to her, she will find it somewhat difficult her entire life. She may increase her ability to stand up for herself, with practice and a good deal of inner work, by increasing her self-esteem. However, she may never get to the point where it’s second nature, it’s not a problem any more, she doesn’t even consider the alternatives. In this case, when it’s a matrix, she will have to learn to master the feeling of inadequacy. Mastering the feeling means learning to deal with it. Learning how to confront those feelings of inadequacy so that they roll on through her without doing any damage.

Now here’s the really cool part about matrices (at least as I see them): “Once an energy matrix is chosen, it stays with you throughout your lifetime (and future lifetimes) until it is mastered. An energy matrix cannot be healed. It can only be mastered! That is why some people never respond to certain healing modalities no matter what. However, once mastered, a matrix never needs to be repeated as the mastery becomes part of the core personality and will stay with you.” (p. 11)

That, to me, is very freeing. It explains so much. I can think of several annoying things for me that just won’t respond in this lifetime, no matter how many modalities I bring to bear (how many rocks I throw at it). Once I came to that realization (yesterday), I was free to aim at mastering my response to these proclivities instead of wondering when the hell they were going to be healed. OK, I thought, the pressure’s off!

I’ll leave you with this final quote from Elizabeth’s Soul Therapy workbook: “One definition of Mastery means, ‘finding positive uses for your negative attributes.'”