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We’ve covered some ground over the past few weeks, talking about why you’d have a reading and what to do with it afterwards. Today’s post will deal with what a reading can look like, both from the reader’s perspective and from yours. The reader’s perspective will be provided by me, since I am a past life reader!

The first thing that occurs is you, as the requestor, ask for a PLT reading. You probably have an issue or issues you’d like help with. If so, you may ask that some questions be covered during the reading. Three questions are more than enough for one reading. You may also want to test your reader and see if she’s any good, in which case, you might not be asking any questions at all, and just waiting to see if what comes up means anything to you or not. Both options are fine. A true PLT reader will get good information from your Higher Self (HS) that will resonate with you.

In my readings, I require you give me permission to connect with your HS during the time of the reading. For anybody who is worried that I will go in there and do some spiritual harm, I suggest you either invoke your own protection protocols (Angelic protection or otherwise) or don’t have a reading until you’re ready to trust. First off, nobody can harm your Higher Self – God’s spirit cannot actually be hurt in any way. You might believe you’re being harmed but you’re really not. Secondly, I invoke Angelic protection during the connection to your HS anyway, as I do not want to attract any opportunistic or malevolent energies to us. I don’t want the reading to be distorted or obscured in any way. Archangel Michael protects us during the connection from such energies and “tunes up” the connection so that the reading is very clear to me.

For the reading, I will first clear myself of negative and opportunistic energies. That would include entities, entity devices & implants, earthbound spirits, energy vortices, heavy & dense energies, and negative thought forms. I clear my office and my cat (who is always on my desk next to my computer) of these things as well. Phones are off and no one is allowed to disturb me for the hour I’m doing the reading.

Next, I ask that Archangels Michael and Raziel be with us as we connect. AAM protects and enhances the communication. AAR helps me to understand the reading and what advice to give, if any.

The connection is accomplished by focusing on a picture of your face if I know you, your email address or physical address if I don’t, and asking AAM to make sure I connect to the right person. Once the connection is established, I introduce myself to your HS and tell you what we’re about to do, i.e., you asked for a reading, here are the questions you asked, do you have some PLTs for us to look at now?

The answer being yes, I proceed to ask for the first PLT to be shown. I ask for the year in which it’s taking place and the country. Sometimes I can’t see the country and have to ask if the life took place off-world. Off-world lives can take place on other planets, stars, gas-giants, or just in the Universe floating about as energy forms. If, however, the life took place on Earth, I will see where on the globe and can get it down to country or ocean. I then ask what gender you were and how old you were. Married? Kids? How many? If I know your significant others in this life or you have told me about them, I may ask if they were with you then and who they were. Otherwise, I will not ask this, as I am not able to get that info right. Yet.

After that, I let your HS take over and show me whatever it is you want to show me. I see scenes from that life, represented as your HS chooses to show them to me. I do not get the entire lifetime but only individual scenes and sometimes several scenes strung into a little vignette. Whatever it takes to get the point across, that’s what your HS will show me. Go back and read a life or two of my own posted previously on this blog to see what a reading might look like.

If you were not a person but an animal, the scenes come across the same but you will have lived in the ocean or up in the air. I have done readings of people who previously incarnated as whales in the seas of the Antarctic and birds covering the entire globe.

Once a life scene has played itself out for me, I will know it’s done. I will have figured out by then why that life has been presented in answer to the question and will usually have some clarity one what needs to be done to heal that PLT. If I don’t get it, I’ll dialogue with your HS and AAs Michael and Raziel until I do. I do not get judgmental at all in these readings. Nor do I get preachy with my advice. The more readings one does, the less reason one has to be judgmental and preachy. We’ve all been there and all have things to heal.

The amount or level of insight I share with you will depend on how much I think you want or need. If I know you are an accomplished spiritual healer yourself, you don’t need any advice on what to do with this reading. You’ll use whatever modalities you like to forgive and heal. If however you’re new to this, I will provide some thoughts on how to work with your PLT and heal it. If I don’t provide enough, I hope you will ask me for more help and advice.

Once the reading is finished, I say thank you to all parties and disconnect from your HS. The scenes and insights have been typed into an email during the reading. I make sure the email is inclusive and clear, and then send it off to you. If you requested the reading through www.AngelsandMediums.com, you’ve already paid the US$35. If you’ve requested it through email, I invoice through PayPal for the same amount.

I encourage dialogue after the reading and want to know how it resonated (or didn’t) with you. This helps me improve my readings and advice-giving. It’s also just fun to hear what you think! My aim is to help my fellow travelers along the journey. Dialogue is my favorite part of that journey.

A final note about PLT readings: your Higher Self shows me PLTs based on what YOU need to see and hear. It has nothing to do with what I want to see or hear. I think this is why the readings are so on-target and effective: because you are actually telling yourself what you need to hear. Your HS is using me to talk to your conscious self because you are not hearing what you need to hear elsewhere.

You may find me at www.AngelsandMediums.com (Lynn Lewis) and on Facebook at Heal Your Past Lives. To request a reading, you may go through AngelsandMediums.com or email me at healyourpastlives@ymail.com. Readings are $35 for as many PLTs as your Higher Self wants to show you in an hour’s time.