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Not all past life readings have to be about karma and forgiveness. Sometimes, it’s just fun to find out who you were!

I have done readings for people who wanted to know if they were ever Celts. I asked her Higher Self (HS) this question and got a number, something like 3 or 4 times. I then asked for a scene or two from each life so that the person might get an idea of how those lives went. Were they male or female? Married or single? Rich or poor?  Where did they live? How long did they live? Anything of interest happen in that life?

Other fun readings might include such inquiries as, how many times have I been together with my spouse? Have I ever been a soldier or fought in wars? Have I ever had lives off-world? Was I ever an animal or an energy being?

For my own part, I have asked a few of these questions and got very interesting answers:

  • Have I ever fought in a war or been a soldier? (Never as a person, only as a war horse.)
  • How many lives have I spent with my husband? (Lots and lots.)
  • How many times have we killed each other!!? (Don’t ask!)
  • How many times have I committed suicide?  (Too many, and many times by jumping off high places!)
  • Has my previous kitty Julius been with me in previous lives? (Yes, as well as my current kitty Laohu.)

These are just some of the things a past life reading can reveal to you. Your Higher Self has it all stored in memory, and it’s never going to suffer from memory loss.