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A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is how I try to start my day every day. Some days it’s a chore; some days it’s spot-on – like today!

First of all, what’s going on that I find the ACIM words so helpful today? Like so many, many people these days, we are both out of work. My husband takes it quite hard – he wants to work and has so much to give but so far, the world hasn’t caught up with him. After so much hard work courting a new prospective employer, he got the dreaded rejection email this morning.

I have ceased trying to “fix” him and have been concentrating on fixing my own thought process. So far with very good results. Some days, when the news is bad though, I haven’t been able to keep my spirits up. ACIM is a thought system – it aims to change one’s perspective, not the world. And not other people. Fix your own thought process and the need to change others and the world disappears. I buy into this on a rational level. Getting it to become second-nature, and in the face of bad news, is the tough part.

So when we heard my husband’s bad news this morning, it was more important than ever to find the thoughts that would buoy my spirits and keep me from sinking into the abyss. It’s so easy to start thinking negative thoughts like, “We’re going to run out of money and lose the house if he doesn’t get a job pretty soon.” Or “Why does this happen to us?” Both are equally potent thought forms that will take you down to places you don’t want to go. They sap your energy. Most importantly, they prevent that “still, small Voice”, the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, from being heard.

We need that Voice more than ever in times like these. When all seems lost, it’s both more important than ever and more difficult than ever to quiet one’s thoughts and force them towards faith. Faith that all IS well. That one’s prayers ARE answered already. That prosperity IS ours.

It is simply amazing to find that thinking those thoughts instead of the negative ones injects joyful energy into one’s experience. ACIM tells us that this is how it works. You have to live it in order to experience it. You have to practice the thought process in order to know it works. Put faith before prior experience like the cart before the horse. It just doesn’t make any sense until you actually do it.

I believe that the tangible results of such thinking go beyond feeling good right now. I think that being in such a joyful place emotionally leaves one open to the Possibilities in Store. Those possibilities can be reached through co-creative partnership with the Holy Spirit. And one can only be inspired if one is open to inspiration. Negative thought forms close the door on inspiration. A joyful state of mind leaves it wide open.

Instead of being depressed at the rejection, I find myself wondering what wonderful miracle is behind this dark door? What rays of light will I step into once the door opens? How wonderful are we going to feel when we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of a Miracle?!