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Past life reading for myself: The place is 340 AD inland Morocco. I am a 17-year-old man living on my family’s land. We have sheep and some cattle. I am well-built and handsome by local standards, still as yet unmarried. I have just had a big fight with my father over the course my life will take. As the eldest son, I am expected to take over for my father when he is gone. To be the head of the family. I, however, have a mystical bent. I feel this powerful urge to leave my home and search for God and the meaning of life. He does not understand this, being a practical man with responsibilities and a family to care for. I am young, impulsive and driven and think he doesn’t understand me, that I cannot stay here and follow my inner dreams. I must leave or drown in practicalities.

My father throws me out, and I leave in a huff. He says to never come back, I am disowned. I leave for God knows where, hoping to be led in some mystical manner towards a guru who can show me the way. As life doesn’t always work that way, I end up in a big city, scraping for sustenance, nobody caring about me one way or the other. I do not find my guru, I do not find a group of like-minded searchers. I think I can never go home so I end up drowning in the basest of practicalities: looking for my next meal every moment of my life. I am entirely disheartened.

Commentary/interpretation: As it stands today in my current life, I have been struggling with the idea of going out to get a job. The life I lead now is satisfying, useful, and full of hope. Getting a job outside the home to cover our expenses now that neither of us has jobs would severely cut into my role as home manager, past life reader, and horse owner. The life I just read for myself speaks to that sense of turning away from my inner desires and drowning in base practicalities. As for most people, a balance must be found between those things we must do to live in this world and those things we want to do to make life joyful.