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Many of you have heard about or read Dr Brian Weiss’ excellent books on past life regression therapy. It is my opinion that he is of the highest calibre in terms of both integrity and intellect. In his book Messages From the Masters, he has a chapter on psychics and mediums. As a sort of psychic myself as well as having been a client of many psychics and mediums, here are some excerpts that ring true for me (p. 188-192):

“People who are truly gifted need not cheat, use tricks or magic. They know things they ‘cannot’ know under our present conceptions of how human minds operate. Their abilities are real.

“On the other hand, the field of psychics and mediums is filled with opportunists, fakes, and manipulators. It is very important to be able to separate the real ones from the fakes.

“Here are some rules of thumb:

“1. We are all psychic and possess intuitive abilities far beyond what we know or use. Carefully weigh any information or material you receive from a psychic on the scales of your own intuitive wisdom. If the information given to you does not feel right or does not fit, it probably is incorrect. You are psychic too. […]

“4. True growth is an inner process. While a psychic can help you learn to access your inner wisdom, with enough meditation, you become your own psychic and transcend the need for external guidance. In the beginning, however, the validation from a psychic or medium functioning with a minimal amount of distortion can be very helpful.

“5. […] Don’t confer unwarranted spiritual status on someone merely because he or she possesses extraordinary paranormal abilities. […]

“6. It is also wise to remember that for the most part, mediums and psychics are not therapists or mental health counselors trained in therapeutic techniques. Do not expect your fears, symptoms, or problems to disappear miraculously in the wake of a session with a psychic. […] Do not surrender your power or integrity to anyone.

“7. While we often admire, and even envy, people with advanced psychic or mediumistic abilities, we should not lose sight of our real goals. We are here to learn and to grow as spiritual beings, to become more loving and more compassionate, to achieve a balance and harmony in our lives, to feel and maintain a solid sense of inner peace. We are not here, again with some few exceptions, to become famous psychics. Psychic and mediumistic talents may increase as we progress along the spiritual path, but they are not the goal. They line the path, they shed some light on the trail, but they are not an end in themselves.


“10. Gifted psychics and mediums can help us enormously […]. But ultimately, we need to experience these things directly, within ourselves. When we experience, then we really know. […] When we can, with ecstasy and wonder, directly experience the divine, we awaken like sages and mystics before us.”