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In the Northern Hemisphere, everyone’s thinking about spring cleaning. I’m no different – although mine has primarily been spiritual cleaning. With all the work I’ve been doing (ACIM, readings, meditation), I guess I’ve cleared out enough darkness that a big ray of sunshine was able to enter my being this weekend.

What happened is this: 3 days ago, while walking outdoors along my usual route, I got to thinking – again – about physical body issues I’ve been working on for what seems like forever. But this time a new thought followed: what if I give these old negative thoughts to Spirit and ask for new love-based thoughts instead?

So I did. I said I was done with my old way of trying to deal with these body issues because they haven’t had any positive effect whatsoever. I’d like new thought patterns to replace them, please, thoughts inspired by the Holy Spirit. I’d like to start thinking with the Holy Spirit instead of with my Ego.

Filled with hope and faith that a new day was dawning, I began to replace my negative body thoughts with just the words, “I want to think with the Holy Spirit about this issue.” Ego was thwarted repeatedly, like a boxer on the ropes. I just kept punching Ego-based thoughts down and replacing them with “I want to think otherwise” thoughts.

Last night while watching TV, I saw something that blew my mind. It was an answer to one of my issues!

This morning, in a dream, I was given answers to another issue.

While walking this morning, the metaphor for what seems to be happening is that of a hoarder. We all know what a hoarder is – someone who collects stuff and simply cannot get rid of it. Eventually, their home is filled to the brim with useless junk and the hoarder is forced to navigate small passageways to get from one room to another. Hoarding is a disease of the mind, one that requires professional help to alleviate.

Another disease of the mind is following what the Ego tells us is true. The Ego stores up negative baggage and useless thought forms that weigh us down and limit our perspective. We look at ourselves and see ugliness, limitation, guilt, sin, unworthiness, lovelessness, aloneness. Once in a while we remember to ask God for help and are thereby able to get rid of one item. We are filled with joy that that one item is gone because the oh-so-heavy burden has been relieved, if only a little bit.

Then we forget about the miracle and fall into the same old pattern of seeing only the hoard of negativity again. We engage in endless self-pity and joylessness, creating Hell on Earth for ourselves. Until one day we remember to call on Spirit to help us. Again we are given the help we crave and another item is removed from our burden. The pattern repeats itself over and over again, like we’re really dumb rats in a maze.

If we’re really working on our journey, though, one day we get it. We finally realize that we don’t have to live with all this junk! The negativity can be lifted, dissolved, rendered into the nothingness it always was. We can fill our lives with only positive thoughts and love. Thinking thoughts with the Holy Spirit instead of the Ego makes this possible.

I look at how easy it is (today at least) and say, why on earth did it take so long to get here? The answer is not that I’m a dumb rat. I’m a stubborn one. With a lot of company 🙂

By the way, my time spent at Portals on Saturday reading past lives was a true joy. I met a some beautiful people who are struggling with their journey and wanted the insight that can come from learning about past lifetimes. I thank them for spending their time with – and hard-earned money on – me and hope that we were able to do some good together. Perhaps some of these lovely people will get in touch with me and let me know how they felt after a day or two of processing the information. Thank you all for taking a chance on a new reader!