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Some of you might feel that you just don’t belong on this Earth. That you wish you could go home, wherever that might be. You are not alone! Lots and lots of people feel this way. They just don’t talk about it around you – or anybody else.

I had this feeling myself for most of my life. One day, in despair, I found someone who gave me an angel card reading. One of the first things she asked me was, “Do you feel like you don’t belong here on this planet, like you’d like to go home now?” I said, “YES! How did you know?”

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. (metaphysical doctor of psychology and renowned angelologist) has addressed this subject in her book Earth Angels: A Pocket Guide for Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Starpeople, Walk-ins, and Wizards (2002). Here are some excerpts:

Chapter 1: Are You an Earth Angel?

“Do you feel different from other people, as if you were dropped off on this planet and wonder when someone’s coming to take you home? If so, then you may be an Earth Angel. If you have a passion and talent for healing, teaching, or helping others, yet you yourself have substance-abuse problems, weight issues, relationship challenges, and the like, then you may be an Earth Angel. If you’re highly sensitive and you abhor violence in any form, then you may very well be an Earth Angel!

“An Earth Angel is a soul with non-Earthly origins. Although all souls originate from the same Divine source, our environment and personal history often shape our personalities and physical characteristics. For instance, those who spend most of their time surfing at tropical beaches will have different looks and mannerisms than people who hole up in their inner-city offices every day.

“Similarly, all of the lives you’ve previously lived have impacted you. And, just as your physical family-of-origin influences you, so does your soul’s family-of-origin shape your looks, behavior, and even your life’s purpose. Again, the inside of everyone is the same: a beautiful, pristine spark of Divine light. However, as a lightworker, your spark of light may have spent time in heavenly realms far from our Earth. Those lifetimes that you’ve logged in the angelic realm, the elemental kingdom, or on other planets have influenced who you are today. Although you inhabit a human body, your soul feels like a traveler in a foreign country – because that is, in essence, what you are.

“Not everyone is an Earth Angel, of course–for this role, God called in the biggest and brightest sparks of light for the transition to the New Age of Peace.”

“If you’re an Earth Angel, then you’re a powerful lightworker with a legacy of healing and miracles behind and in front of you. You accepted your Divine assignment to come to Earth and spread your teachings and healing energies. How has your assignment been so far? If you’ve had difficulty adjusting to Earthly life, then you’ll probably find answers, comfort, and guidance by remembering your spiritual origin.

“You may discover that you’re an Incarnated Angel or Elemental; a Starperson whose past lives have been extraterrestrial (ET); a Walk-In; or a Wise One, which is a reincarnated Sorceress, High-Priestess, or Wizard. You’re a seasoned service worker called into action – an Earth Angel. You may have had past lives on Earth as an Incarnated Angel, Elemental, and such, yet you forgot these incarnations, believing that your past lives were human.”

The book devotes itself to helping you diagnose what your particular origins might be and then what to do with this newfound knowledge. There are even listings of support groups for each category!

If you’ve ever felt like you don’t belong here and are despairing in any way because of loneliness, please don’t waste another minute of your precious life feeling this way. Get this book, read it in an afternoon, and make a new plan for your life. You’ll be supported 100% of the way and find like-minded people to share your journey back to joy.

As The Course says, “God’s will for me is perfect happiness” (p. 209). Go out and grab it.

Barnes and Noble sells this book for $7: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/earth-angels-doreen-virtue/1100318466?ean=9781401900489