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The free course on A Course in Miracles I told you about yesterday was really good! Rhonda Britten was our guest speaker, the author of Living Fearlessly and other titles. This was my first course on this topic and I wasn’t sure what they could say to augment the already perfect Course. But somehow they did. Here are some excerpts from my notes.

Rhonda is a fear pioneer: she tells us how to take our fears and make them show us how to choose love instead. In any given moment, ask yourself, am I choosing Fear or am I choosing Love? If you choose Fear, your next action will be an attack thought – either against someone else or yourself. If you choose Love in that moment, your next action will always be loving.

To me this is a wonderful distillation of ALL the choices we face every moment of every day. Anger, humiliation, retribution, desperation, depression – they are all the faces of fear. Just knowing you can boil your thoughts down to one or the other (fear or love) is a handy simplification for which the ramifications must be vast indeed.

She tells us to be gentle with ourselves. The Course is a mind-training class which requires ongoing, rigorous application to be of use. In order to take it from the intellectual realm into habit, one must do the lessons and read the text as often as possible – daily is recommended. But how do we behave when awful things happen in life? We’re not always going to respond in a loving way. Think of watching the news. There’s always somebody to villify and judge – today it’s the President of the US, tomorrow it’s a Middle Eastern dictator and the next it’s a racially-motivated crime. In the heat of the moment, upon first hearing the story, it’s natural to jump into the time-honored thought patterns of judgement, hatred, retribution and seeming justice. “Kill the bastards!”, we cry.

Just so you know, that’s coming from a place of fear.

You then say to yourself, “What a hypocrite I am for doing the Course but not applying it when the rubber meets the road. I stink and I’m never going to get this.” Rhonda says instead, be gentle with yourself. You’re “in practice” mode – you have a life-long history of responding this way. It’s going to take practice to respond out of love instead. The good news? Practice makes perfect. The forgiveness muscle responds to regular exercise like any other muscle: it gets stronger, quicker, and more efficient. One day you’ll find yourself not even having those fear-based thoughts any more – you’ll immediately respond with love.

That’s the day you’re in total joy and have won the game. That’s your goal.

Rhonda can be found here: http://fearlessliving.org/  Her blog posts look really empowering so you might check them out while you’re there.

The free Course is here: http://livingacourseinmiracles.com/class3/ It’s not too late to get the rest of the classes – you won’t be behind if you missed the first one.