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I’m back from two amazing events in which I read past lives for people looking for divine guidance on their journey. The first event was a private past life reading party and the second, the Mind-Body-Heart-Soul Expo in Nashua, NH yesterday. I am overwhelmed with the love I felt all around me in both venues. What a great weekend!

As you may know, I’ve been listening to the free teleclass in living the Course in Miracles presented by the Rev. Jennifer Hadley. Friday’s homework was about hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit (the Voice). How can we become more able to hear it and be sure it’s the Holy Spirit and not the Ego? And then how can we make the choice to follow its guidance as opposed to the demands of the Ego?

What a wonderful topic to explore! Here are some excerpts taken from my notes as I was listening to the call. I hope they get you thinking about your own spiritual practice and how to start choosing love in every moment of your life.

  1. The Holy Spirit’s voice is always on. It’s live streaming 24/7! It’s never not talking to you. It is constantly available to you, in every situation, everywhere you find yourself.
  2. Choosing love in every moment has the effect of transforming your life into an experience of constant, continual Joy.
  3. Seek to clear away all the other voices and perspectives so that the Voice is crystal clear. That’s our challenge – that’s our journey.
  4. The Voice is always going to speak to you kindly without emotion. It is often, truly, that Still Small Voice. In the midst of confusion, chaos, and upset, it will still be a small but mighty Voice. Although it speaks in a whisper, those with ears to hearwill hear it.
  5. Why is it so hard to hear that whisper? Because the Ego’s voice is so loud. The Ego says, “you better, you should, you will do this”. That’s not how the Voice speaks.
  6. Divine guidance does not judge, blame or shame, and it has no emotion whatsoever. If there is any kind of judgment or emotion in the voice you are hearing, any kind of consequence or upset – it is the Ego, not the Voice. The Voice knows that this world is illusion – that you are not a body.
  7. The only time that the Voice will be loud and strong is when you are in an emergency situation like life and death when it’s not your time to die. Your guardian angel might yell, “look out!” when you’re about to step off into traffic without looking first. There is no blame or shame in the voice – there is no judgment.
  8. We can begin to practice this prayer: “Help me hear the choice of Love in every situation today.  I’m not interested in choosing the Ego’s commands any more. I am interested in hearing the Loving choice and then following it every time.”
  9. Being in the flow of abundance and prosperity is the result of aligning with the Voice and following its suggestions.
  10. Choosing thoughts of separation results in suffering and lack. The only real suffering comes from believing we are separate. Therefore release every thought of separation and allow the Voice to bring us the Joy that is our birthright at every, single moment.
  11. There is only the illusion of a separate will, i.e., the Ego. We’re having the experience of the illusion of free will. When we hear the voice of Guan Yin, Jesus, AAMichael, etc. we are hearing the particular flavor of the Holy Spirit that is that divinity. The Voice is One. But it is the experience of this world that produces different flavors of the Voice. It is our illusion that produces the experience of free will, different will from God’s. So we must use our experience of free will to choose to align with divine will. If we do so, we have a graceful experience of healing and awakening. If we choose to invest our free will in thoughts of separation, then we experience suffering. There are no other choices. There are only two in any given moment – love or fear – Divine Guidance or the Ego. Hear that voice and follow its advice.
  12. It takes great learning to realize that ALL THINGS ARE HELPFUL. Including all the times I’ve suffered. There’s insight in it – wisdom to be had. As long as we’re judging our experiences as being worthless, then we can’t harvest the wisdom in it. As long as I’m looking at my past and thinking, I’m a loser, I was stupid, that I’m unworthy of God’s love and advice, I will lose the learning. There is wisdom encoded into every single one of those experiences. We must release our judgment of them.
  13. When we begin our practice, we will have the experience of the Monkey Mind. The more we cultivate the spiritual practice, the more the Monkey Mind will quiet and still. Have faith that it will go away entirely with your spiritual practice of stilling the mind and listening to the Voice. It is very challenging to cultivate the relationship with the Divine by having a practice of connecting to the Divine. It’s 1% understanding spiritual principle and 99% spiritual practice!
  14. If we cherish this practice, we can’t cherish the Ego voice. However, we will experience choosing love now, fear next, love now, and fear again. We oscillate back and forth. We haven’t made the clear choice to choose only love.  Our life feels wobbly at this point. I’ve read and acquired all this spiritual information but I’m so spiritually stupid! We’ve invested 99% in the information and only 1% in the practice. Exactly backwards! I must awaken to the fact that the Universe is our holographic learning vessel – everything is my teacher. Love holds no grievances. Whatsoever.
  15. Everything you hope to get from a book or a class is already there by living the love. We read the book as part of our spiritual practice to remember to walk the talk. But walking the talk is how we truly honor ourselves, how we awaken. There is no substitute for spiritual practice. The kingdom is pre-installed – we only need to remember it.
  16. With every loving choice I make, I teach love to those in my life. I share the benefits of my expansion with everyone I am near. All boats rise on this holy tide of love!