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Years ago, I discovered the value of applied kinesiology – muscle response testing – for diagnosing and healing physical issues. When I lived in Hong Kong (2002-2006), I had the opportunity to learn more about the uses of applied kinesiology through a weekend-long seminar. It turns out, the technique can be used to diagnose and heal issues on ALL levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

After years of trying to remember the name of the teacher, I finally got it! His name is Carlton Tropper. He works with an equally competent kinesiologist in Hong Kong named Anisa Abdulcarim. If you live in Hong Kong and are interested in this valuable tool, about which I have written before, you might contact Anisa to see when Carlton will be in Hong Kong again teaching his seminar.

What is kinesiology? – Unknown Self – Apply kinesiology for natural healing.