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News flash! Hot flashes are not what you think they are!

After almost 7 years of experiencing these nasty reminders of youth-gone-by, the light bulb finally went off: these are not caused by what the menopause experts and medical community are telling us.

If you have experienced hot flashes (you have to be a menopausal woman to do this – sorry guys and young people), you are receiving hotmail from God. God@hotmail.hvn is telling you that in that moment, you are feeling separate. Our truth is unity, oneness, complete non-separateness. We only feel or think we’re separate from God. This un-truth is where we normally live, most of us. Jesus didn’t live there – neither did Buddha or Ghandi or Mother Theresa. They knew where they lived, which was with God at all times, all places.

Our bodies are perfect communication devices – we are not our bodies. Rather, we are spirit having the experience of being bodies. It is our joy to rediscover the truth that we are not our bodies. A hot flash reminds me that I am feeling like a body – that I’m feeling separate from God and all my brothers and sisters. In that moment, I now have the opportunity to offer that thought up to the Holy Spirit and say, here, take it. I’m not interested in thinking thoughts of separation and want any more. I am interested in what You have to think about this situation.

For example, this morning while I was brushing my hair, the thought that I don’t have enough money to go to Paris with my husband came into my mind. I love Paris. It is the first place I want to go when we are able to travel again for pleasure. I’ve been to France and Paris 5 times in this lifetime and hope to make the trip several more times before I pop off. In the instant I thought the negative thought above, I got a hot flash. I’ve been practicing noticing when I get them and what I’ve been thinking, and now I’m using muscle response testing (MRT) to discover what the core cause of them is. It iss always thoughts of separation that bring them on. This is wonderful news to me! I can fix that. I can listen to what Spirit it telling me through my body and finally “get it”. Hurray!

This realization just confirms what I’ve been learning through my study of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) – that the body is a communication device, nothing more. When it hurts or feels sick in some way, it’s your own thoughts making it so. They are always thoughts of separation from God and your brothers and sisters that cause fear. Fear of lack and attack, shame and blame, and all the other negative emotions we are subject to. When you feel sick or something hurts, offer it to the Holy Spirit and say, thank you. Thank you for telling me my thoughts are hurting me. Tell me how to think correctly so that I may think thoughts of Joy and Love. Only Joy and Love, which are my birthright as your child.

When I offered to Spirit my hot flashes and thoughts of want, I was able to replace the thought of lack with the truth. For me, the truth is that now I am in consolidation and clean-up mode. It is not the time now for me to be spending, traveling, doing out in the world. Rather, I am on the part of the cycle of life that gets rid of the old to make way for the new. To spend time alone contemplating and renewing. Finding the truth so that when the part of the cycle that involves me being out in the world again comes along, I am able to be in the world as a renewed child of God, teaching only love and peace.

Take that uplifting set of thoughts, hot flash!