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What will follow in the next few posts will be a series on energetic healing: methods and modalities that you may or may not know about. The more popular ones include Reiki, TTouch, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), to name but a few. There are loads of them out there, enough methods for at least one to resonate with everyone on the planet, I daresay.

A few that you may not be familiar with but that are near and dear to my heart are as follows:

  • MAP
  • Nature Healing Coning
  • Past life therapy

I’ll get to those in subsequent posts. Today I want to share a few excerpts from my latest spiritual cornucopia of healing, A Course in Weight Loss.

As you may have guessed by now, ACIWL is based on the principles of A Course in Miracles (ACIM). If you’re not into ACIM or not ready for it yet, you may not be drawn to ACIWL either but leave it to you to decide for yourself based on these excerpts from it:

“This course is cumulative. Every day you will be given a lesson, and while the content of that lesson is to be focused on for a particular day, its energy should be allowed to live continuously within your psyche as the days unfold. Compulsive eating involves two things: compulsion and food. You will not end your compulsive eating by substituting another compulsive practice. Therefore, this is not a course to race through, but rather a process to relax into.” p. 16

“The weight you are seeking to let go of was added to your consciousness before it was added to your body. Your body is merely a screen onto which is projected the nature of your thoughts. When the weight is gone from your consciousness, it will be gone from your physical experience. In asking God to remove the cause, you automatically remove the effect…The weight on your mind, and thus on your body, is the weight of your own emotional shadows that have not yet had a light shone on them, whether they be unprocessed feelings, negative thoughst, or fear-based attitudes and personality traits…for whatever reason, these thoughts or feelings have become frozen within you and are not being processed properly…Painful experiences are not meant to linger. They are meant to teach us what they need to teach us, and then dissolve into the realm of soft-focus memory…you’ve subconsciously tried to get rid of these thoughts and feelings by eating them. If I can’t process my sadness, perhaps I can eat my sadness. If I can’t process my anger, perhaps I can eat my anger...your unprocessed thoughts and feelings have embedded themselves in your flesh – literally.” p. 21-22.

The rest of the book contains lessons for progressively releasing these stuck thoughts and feelings from your mind and body. Every level is healed in this process. Wherever the pain still resides – physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually – a light is shone on it and the darkness disappears. Along with the toxic dark thoughts goes your need to be fat enough to hold onto those toxins.


What a concept! How amazing is this?

I posted this last time but it bears repeating: I have been waiting all my adult life for this book. Maybe you have too.

Find Marianne Williamson (the author) at www.marrianne.com.