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Healing isn’t just for humans – it’s good for animals too! This should be good news to those of you who have pets or know people who have pets. Whether or not you keep animals or just love them, now you’ll have a tool to accomplish real physical healing for them. And it doesn’t cost a thing, other than your time and attention.

Just as we are given MAP (Medical Assistance Program I spoke of in my last post), animals are given Nature Healing Coning (NHC). The entire program for helping animals heal is contained in a chapter devoted to animals in Machaelle Small Wright’s book entitled MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Prgoram.

Quoting from her chapter on NHC for Animals is the best way to explain this tool. As before, I strongly recommend you beg, borrow or buy the book if you want to use NHC, as it must not be attempted without a full understanding of the why’s and wherefor’s.

“MAP has been conceived and designed for human beings. It is not designed for nor can it accommodate animals…We are talking about two separate things here –animals and humans.

“There are two animal healing conings to choose from, and your choice will depend on whether or not you should participate in the healing session.

“FOR COMPANION ANIMALS. Use this coning when you know the animal, and you choose to participate in the healing process…You will need to ask questions, and you may be asked to take the animal to the vet, if necessary, or give medicine or special food. Consulting nature will not interfere with consulting a vet. Use the Nature Healing Coning as part of the animal’s regular health regime, in emergency situations and during office visits. Set up the coning with the animal prior to surgery and hospital stays, then close the coning after the animal is fully stabilized and after you have gotten the suggested schedule for additional nature coning sessions…Also, the Nature Healing Coning may be opened for the animal to assist it through death. Once the death process is complete, close the coning…

“FOR WILD ANIMALS. This coning is for those who wish to assist injured or sick wild animals, or other animals in need to whom you are a stranger and in whose healing process you will not be able to participate. In these cases, the only thing you have to offer is a healing coning. Most of the time it is either impossible or not appropriate to follow up with any assistance on your part–such as giving medicine, ETS Plus for Animals, or taking the animal to the vet. Consequently, you (your higher self) do not have to be part of the coning. You won’t be asking questions or receiving information. Although you need to be physically present when opening this coning, you do not have to be dangerously close to the animal. Use your common sense. Also, try to be present without alarming the animal.” pp. 207-212 of the third edition copyright 1990.

I have used this healing modality with great success over the years. It was originally taught to me in Hong Kong by a very skilled and gifted animal healer, my friend Karen Eu. She applies this modality concurrently with all sorts of other tools like EFT, TTouch, structural work, dowsing, flower essences, gemmotherapy, etc., etc. and has healed too many animals to count. Her clientele ranges far and wide and is enthusiastic about her ability to achieve previously unimagined success. (She usually performs her work very far away from the animals and does not ever touch most of them. That’s how powerful this tool is.)

(If you’d like to read about how Karen uses NHC in her work finding missing and lost dogs, click here: http://www.holisticasia.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=574:the-special-challenges-of-finding-missing-and-lost-dogs&catid=13:spiritual&Itemid=52.)

As for how I use NHC, I am rather lazy and do not incorporate too many other modalities into my NHC sessions. This works for most of the healing work I offer my animals and friends’ pets. For instance, I have a 16-year-old cat named Laohu who has an ongoing hyperthyroid condition. It is generally managed with an herbal concoction called Resthyro, plus a high-quality diet, lots of filtered water, and supplementation. However, when the thyroid starts acting up, I apply NHC for a few days in a row and it comes right back into manageable territory. Laohu also has arthritis pain in his hind end. When the MSM isn’t quite enough to make him comfortable, he gets NHC for a few days in a row and that seems to take care of the problem.

I offer NHC to my horse after she’s been vaccinated, to nullify the negative effects of vaccines. My animals always get an NHC before, during, and right after a vet visit or a hospital stay (which thankfully they don’t need, probably because they are in good health due to good care). Laohu was in an NHC all the way down from New Hampshire to West Virginia last year when we drove the 9 hours in a car. He was obviously stressed about it, and the NHC did wonders to lessen that stress.

If you are an animal lover who occasionally comes across wild animals that are hurt or in physical distress, you now have a tool to help them. Using NHC for wild animals, you can offer real healing to them. (By the way, you will also want to know that you can actually do something for dead animals (road kill) that you come across. Instead of worrying and being angry at the world for killing them, ask St. Francis to take their souls up to the Light. If they are stuck between Earth and the Light, you can help make sure they get there by asking for St. Francis’ help.)

On behalf of animals everywhere, I thank you for taking the time to get informed about NHC!