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All of us have access to Spirit, just as all of us have access to psychic powers. We come into this life with some level of those powers “turned on.” Some are really on, like my 8-year-old nephew who has channeled the other side and had spirit friends since he was able to talk. Some people’s powers just need development. I have practiced accessing divine guidance using various communication tools and have thus “turned on” my own psychic powers. You are no different.

As you open yourself to communication with Spirit, you will want to make it clear that you only want to work with the Light. Setting your intention is vitally important. Otherwise, you will inadvertently and unwillingly leave yourself open to contact with opportunistic dark energies. These energies comes from and feed on your fear-mind.

Anybody who studies A Course in Miracles, including myself, will tell you these are not real. They are in fact just as unreal as this entire illusion we find ourselves in. But if you are standing in the middle of California’s 405 highway, do you expect to escape getting run over even if you believe this is all an illusion? Certainly not. Yes, we have made this all up in a moment of madness. We are spiritual beings have a physical experience. That physical experience is all too real for us and can cause our physical bodies harm when we run into opposing forces. Those opposing forces are just as real as the speeding cars on the 405.

In my early days of working with angels, I was told by my mentors and in the books I read on the subject to protect myself from various dark energies. These energies are like any other forms of energy: they flow where they are attracted. If you in your vibration level are still attracting lower-vibrational energies, you will be visited/contacted by them UNLESS you learn to protect yourself from them. Setting your intention to let in ONLY higher-vibrational energies, i.e., those that come from the Light, that are aligned with LOVE, will afford you all the protection you need.

Working with Archangel Michael is a particularly easy and effective way to do this. Just ask him to protect you from all that is not coming from a place of love.  And it is done.

Shamanistic traditions have other ways to protect you and ensure you are working only with the higher-vibrational energies. Please find some tradition or ritual that works for you. Until your own vibration is high enough, you will attract these dark energies. When it is high enough, you will not. They will have disappeared from your experience just as if they never existed.

Which they don’t. But your ego thinks otherwise. Until you get your ego out of the way completely, protect yourself.

Marianne Williamson says this in a little bit different way. In A Course in Weight Loss, p. 193, she writes:

Just as you wash your body daily, you need to purify your heart daily as well. When you neglect to pray and meditate on a regular basis–which means a daily basis–you leave your psychic door unlocked, and the thief  WILL come in. Any day consciously and willingly given to God, praying that His guidance be with you and that you might be a conduit of love throughout the day, is a day when you are buffered from the otherwise active power of your fear-mind.