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Today’s idea is completely illogical.

In the Ego’s thought system, which is to say, the prevailing, “normal” way of thinking, the idea that we are all intimately connected – indeed Oneness itself – defies proof and rational explanation. To give credence to this idea, one must make a leap of faith first. The proof comes only after that, if ever. One must see the proof with one’s inner vision in order to make it real. I believe it’s one of the hardest things to wrap our minds around.

I remember the first time I got this concept. My husband and I were living in Hong Kong at the time and I was availing myself of every spiritual class, book, meeting, or modality that resonated with me. One day I got on the #260 bus from Stanley Market to Central and was mulling over the idea of our absolute oneness. It was eating at me because I just couldn’t figure out how that could be. At the Repulse Bay stop, I looked around at all the people on the bus. There were Hong Kong Chinese on their way to work, Filipino maids headed out to do some shopping, probably an Indian or two, and other white people speaking with all manner of accents. All at once, it hit me: underneath our skin colors, body types, languages and world outlooks, we were one all-encompassing energy of humanity. I visualized an energy mass that remained connected even as it formed individual personalities that we saw as people…and animals and maybe trees and maybe aliens on other planets. The picture I had in my mind rang so true for me that I knew it was Truth.

Lately, studying as I do A Course in Miracles, the concept of oneness keeps popping up in every lesson or reading of the text. In fact, it’s the basis of the Course. A new picture has presented itself to me, one that works because I’m such a child of the ’80s and the disco culture! You may remember that all the disco dance floors had disco lights and balls, balls which were composed of hundreds of mirrored facets. The lights would shine on those facets and they’d give off hundreds of rays of different colored-lights, reflecting the disco light source and refracting out into different wavelengths.

You probably see where I’m going with this… How about this concept of oneness and our relationship with God? God’s the big light – the Sun, if you will. Humanity (plus the animals, the aliens, whatever else) is the disco ball. Each of us is a mirrored facet of that ball. You can’t say that one facet isn’t an integral part of the ball because it is, just as every other facet is. The Sun shines on and through the ball, reflecting light out into the Universe and back to itself. Our light source is God/the Sun and that light becomes ours to reflect out to each other and into the Universe.

Isn’t that a cool concept? If you have one that works for you, please share it with the rest of us right here in the comments.