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I’ve been reading past lives for myself and others since 2004. How did I come to have this skill? Well, it comes from lots and lots of practice. I wasn’t born seeing scenes from other people’s past lifetimes or from my own. I’ve only had one spontaneous past life recall that I can remember. What I started off with was an intense desire to get LIFE right this lifetime. I wouldn’t have called it that until probably this year. But I know now that’s what it was.

In 2002 my husband and I were living in Hong Kong on a work assignment for him. I was not allowed to work in that foreign country and so I took the time to explore spiritual things that interested me. I also started going to an applied kinesiologist named Valeria Nutt to heal my back. One day on her table she was doing muscle response testing (MRT) and found a past life that was causing problems somewhere on my body. I was very surprised that a past life could be causing me pain in my body in this life. She went ahead and identified the lifetime and circumstances, and it was painfully obvious why the pain had followed me into this life. I mean it was just so obvious. After that, in later sessions, we would occasionally find a past life experience that, when healed, healed at least part of my physical issues. She trained me on how to access these past life experiences, what to ask, look for, and then how to heal the problems. I have since been using both MRT and past life therapy on myself to heal all sorts of issues – on every level (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). It’s such a powerful tool to have in my healer’s kit.

Past lives hold the keys to many of our present life challenges. Looking into past life issues and traumas can unlock healing on every level in this life, as long as we’re willing to do the forgiveness work that’s required.

You’ve all heard of the term karma. There’s good karma and bad karma. It’s a Hindu term that describes the Universe’s accounting system for who’s done what to each other and how in or out of balance we are in relation to each other. Just like the elephant, karma never forgets. If I killed my husband in a previous life, karma dictates that we’ll come back together in a future life so that I can make it up to him in some way. I can’t escape this accounting system and neither can he. We have to play this game, whether we believe in it or not. Karma does not respect our individual belief systems. God doesn’t respect our individual belief systems. Both of them are Truth. We can either align ourselves with Truth and play the game according to the rules, or we can ignore the rules and fight against Truth. I think we all know which one feels better and works better in the end!

The only way the Universe, karma, and God allow us to beat the game is for us to adhere to unconditional love. We must forgive everything that we have done, that others have seemingly done to us, and everything the Universe seems to do to us. We must realize that everything is working out for our highest and best potential. This is a lives-long journey. We are stubborn creatures – we are in thrall to our own Egos. We all think we know better than Love in every instant of every day. When we behave according to our Egos – when we hold resentments, judgments, beliefs in lack/attack, shame/blame – we suffer. We create bad karma. We participate in bad karma. We die and we come back again in another life to give ourselves yet another chance to get it right. To finally align with Truth, with Unconditional Love. When we do, we begin to erase that bad karma and start creating good karma for ourselves and others. The goal is to erase all our bad karma, built up over literally thousands of lifetimes on this Earth and elsewhere, and eradicate the need to incarnate ever again. We get to escape the hamster wheel of karma and suffering and GO HOME.


When you find a past life trauma – either something that you did to someone else or that they did to you – and you do your forgiveness work, that life is healed. Even more amazingly, you erase the karma associated with that life. Hence, you save yourself time and the need to create a situation in the future that will present you the opportunity to balance your karma with that person. You save time by healing past lives. You erase bad karma by healing past lives. You create a happier present and future for yourself by healing past lives.

That’s why I read past lives for myself and for others. It’s one of the greatest time-savers of all Time!