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On the recommendation of a client at Portals last weekend, I bought Coelho’s latest best-seller, Aleph, for the plane ride up to New Hampshire. I was able to read most of it that afternoon and evening due to departure delays that lasted for hours and hours. (That subject will be covered in a subsequent post!)

Please join me on www.goodreads.com (username: Lynn11361) (Lynn Lewis) to share our taste in reading material. This is my review in Goodreads about Aleph:

Paulo is a very good author and I know his books touch and amaze many readers around the globe. His viewpoints are not always mine but I appreciate his deep and persistent commitment both to his journey and to sharing it with us. We are all so much better off for it and I honor his work in this life.

As a big fan of the concept of reincarnation, I enjoyed reading his take on how it works and how to use it to further your evolution. I really want to try his ring of light technique but will make sure to learn about it first!

I do recommend this – and every other Paolo book – to readers who are not afraid to explore the journey to enlightenment from different viewpoints.