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You won’t see this in the news: Aurora, Colorado as another opportunity to wake up in Spirit.

Instead of immersing yourself in the 24/7 news updates on this topic, take some time to imagine what hell the perpetrator was going through that he would find a massacre to be his only saving grace. How twisted and painful must your own mind be – what hell are you living in – when you think that killing a bunch of people will satisfy the demons inside?

Send this man love instead of hate. He’s got enough of the latter already. See his eyes pleading for help, help he’s clearly not received to this point. See those eyes begging you for understanding and even just a little love. He is your brother, as we all are your brothers and sisters. Send his heart love and feel your own heart expand. That’s how you know it’s the right thing to do.

Offer love today instead of hate. In doing so, you’ll heal the world and raise its vibration. That’s our job today and every day. What happened in Aurora is just another reminder of that. Offer love instead of condemnation. He is your brother.