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Who’s That in My Chakra?.

This is an wonderfully comprehensive overview of how to work with your chakra system to effect forgiveness. For instance, here’s what Colin says about your root chakra:

Chakra #1, the Root Chakra:
If you have problems in your body from the hip area down to the feet, including lower colon, prostate, genitals and bladder, ask yourself who has in the past made you feel unsafe or insecure. Who is, or has been, responsible for making you feel this way and undermining your very foundation? Problems with legs and feet may indicate a desire to run or a feeling of not being able to move forward in your life. Another issue that gets in this first chakra is the fear of standing up for yourself when attacked, especially by a father figure or someone who assumes authority over you. That will be someone you need to forgive.

You can use healing modalities that appeal to you in clearing your chakras once you’ve identified what’s in there. Healing modalities include EFT (emotional freedom technique), angel medicine, shamanistic healing techniques, MAP (medical assistance program), or even simple meditation. See my previous posts for ways to “do” forgiveness.

Don’t forget the animals: if you are a lover of animals and can diagnose chakra issues with your animals (as with MRT – muscle response testing), you will be able to help them heal too. See my posts on MAP and Nature Healing Coning (NHC) on using NHC to heal pets and other animals.

Lastly, Colin does not allude to past life issues in chakras but rest assured, they can be in there also, wreaking havoc with your present health.