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(2) The Patrick Miracle.

This is a story of resurrection.

Most of the world will view this as a sign of the depths to which human depravity can sink. A pointer to our guilt and evidence of Original Sin.

Instead, I’d like you to consider an alternate perspective. If you believe, as I do, that we all choose our stories before we incarnate and that animals do as well, then it must follow that this beloved creature chose his situation too. Was he making up for bad karma? Was he helping others to discover the miracle of healing the innocent? I don’t think the answer is ours to know. All I can say is that this beautiful dog was not a victim, not any more than you or I are victims. This dog chose his life and he held on long enough for some caring people to come to his rescue and return him to life.

It is not a story of evil vs. good. It is a story of the former owner’s deep guilt, shame, and misery being projected onto his dog. That person may even now be living the hell of knowing his dog is a testament to how low the ego can take you when you live by its dictates. His shame must be endless.

Do not add blame and shame onto this person. He is your brother or sister, as am I and every other creature of God. In addition, you most certainly have behaved in depraved ways in your past lives and done things you do not want to know about now. This poor guy is living one of those awful lives we all have to live to get to where we’re going: back HOME with God. Instead, forgive him. You add to the amount of love and joy in the world whenever you truly forgive. You raise us all up a notch higher by extending love in this way.

Patrick the Pitbull has been saved and is now receiving more love and affection than most animals receive in multiple lifetimes! This is a good thing. Honor the dog’s heroic actions on our behalf by doing your job: forgive his former owner and extend him love.