We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. That means you need to spend time in both realms: the spiritual and the physical.

You may remember that I believe this world is just a dream; according to A Course in Miracles, we’re just having an ego-driven nightmare. Nevertheless, since we think we’re here, we have to behave according to certain rules. One of those is to be engaged with your fellow man. You are a child of God as are all your fellow human beings. Be good to them, practice random acts of kindness, make life easier for those who find it unbearable, and be a loving presence in everyone’s lives.

As well, realize that your participation in society is important. If you are an American citizen, become informed about your choices in the upcoming election. Vote from a place of knowledge and informed opinion. It’s important.*
And PLEASE do not sink to anger and frustration during the course of your political education. Too many people – otherwise good, loving people – are freaking out in a negative way. They forget that we’re all brothers and sisters, that people of good conscience can disagree about important things and remain brothers and sisters. Do not sling verbal arrows at your fellow voters – negative thought forms are inappropriate in a loving relationship and furthermore, they do nothing to change minds. “You catch more flies with honey” and “lead by example” are your watch words for the election season.

Get involved but remember who you are: God’s child created in love. Your goal is Atonement and your function is forgiveness. If you can’t remember that during the run-up to the election, keep your mouth shut!

*Or not. If I’m really going to be a good ACIM student, I have to admit that since this world is not real, it doesn’t matter if we get involved or not. But as long as we’re here, it just seems like the right thing to do. Oh well – make your own decision – as always!