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Have you heard of the healing modality called Emotional Freedom Technique? EFT, as it is more commonly called, is surprisingly effective in healing hurts on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual or PEMS).

I recently picked up a book with the subject title and have got through several chapters. Since I have a highly sensitive temperament, I am finding EFT specifically aimed at my issues as outlined in this book very, very helpful.

EFT is sometimes called emotional acupunture or tapping. The basic premise of EFT is that negative emotions are caused by an interruption to the body’s energetic system. Acupuncture points on the body can be tapped on to release the negativity and restore normal function, bringing joy back into your life. The tapping is done with two fingers of your dominant hand on several points on your face, neck, upper torso and hands. It seems quite weird to do or watch. However, I can tell you from experience the results are always amazing. Whether it completely cures your issue or gives significant relief, it’s a healing modality you ought to research for yourself.

EFT is for everybody, not just the Highly Sensitive Temperament (HST). This book goes into how to diagnose whether you have an HST. If you feel more deeply than others, if you find yourself crying over kitty and baby commercials, if you don’t feel comfortable in crowds or find loud music painful – and these are just some of the symptoms of this temperament – then you might be an HST. This book is for you!