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Today I want to excerpt from an email I received from Jennifer Hadley of Living a Course in Miracles.

Generally, it seems that there are two main groups of people—see if you can feel whether either of these is resonating for you:

Group #1 – I’m connecting with lots of folks who are somewhat new to the spiritual path or who have been on the edge of it for a while – they haven’t really begun the deeper more committed work, and now they’re ready to do that.

If you’re in this group, you’re probably experiencing some sharp pains – life is throwing you some intense curves – and you’re recognizing that this is an important crossroads for you. You can either begin to look at your life as a spiritual journey to reclaiming your Divinity or you can look at your life as a series of ups and downs, problems and random occurrences that have to be solved by you, figuring it out alone.

If you’re in this group or moving out of it, you’re discovering that the acquisition of material goods isn’t as important as you thought it was. You feel really called to explore the Kingdom within and experience the spiritual expansion and awakening of “everything else added unto you.” For many, this is a new way of operating and there aren’t a lot of models of how to do it – so, we get to discover that together.

If you’re in Group #2 you’re feeling called to do the deeper work too, to step it up and go for it! You’ve been on the spiritual path a while and you’ve been having spiritual experiences, collecting information, learning and studying, but the deep and life-changing application hasn’t happened yet. Now, you’re really ready and you’re looking to discover the thing that can give you that boost to your next level of awakening.

The only way to have a true and lasting spiritual awakening is through true and lasting commitment to spiritual practice and living in a truly loving way. This is not easy for ANYONE to accomplish alone. It has been the hardest thing I’ve EVER done – and yet, it does get easier – SO MUCH EASIER, when you get to the place of commitment.

Developing a real dedication, a devotion to spiritual practice is something a lot of spiritual seekers resist. There’s a reluctance to go where there friends and family haven’t gone before. There’s a reluctance to go down a path where they might discover that they will give up things they previously valued, or find themselves doing things that are new and different. All of that is perfectly understandable and it’s definitely been a part of my life experience. I relate!

Where are you? What are you doing about it?