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Anne Jones has a new eBook out called Protect Yourself. If it’s anything like her Healing Negative Energies, it’ll be very handy indeed. I highly recommend you read this book if you are new to the spiritual path. You should also read it if you do NOT have a regular self-protection, self-clearing habit. There are negative, opportunistic, malevolent thought forms out there that prey on people who do not know about them or choose to ignore them.

Even Jesus, as evolved a human being as you can get, cast out devils. They are real. The good news is that they are not that difficult to get rid of. You can protect yourself against them. You can shield your loved ones and your pets. Just arm yourself with some knowledge, learn a few clearing and shielding techniques, and you’re forever safe.

Here’s a short description of what’s in this eBook, written by Ms Jones herself:

We are all affected by the energies of the people around us. If you interface with the public in your work you will definitely have days when you will feel dispirited and upset by the way you have been treated. If you are a nurse, carer, doctor or work in the police or prison service you will be seriously affected to such an extent that you may suffer burn out and even fall sick. Even a conversation with a friend who is going through troubled times can drain your energy.
This book gives you the techniques that I have learnt from working with energy and helping people to transform and clear the negativity that they pick up from others or even in extreme cases where they have been deliberately targeted with black magic and curses. It includes a powerful set of prayers and mantra given to me by a Tibetan Buddhist monk. These sacred prayers have been used by monks for their spiritual protection for over 2500 years.

You’re sure to find one or two techniques that resonate with you in this wonderful new work by Anne Jones. Protect yourself. You won’t regret it!

In Light,