Someone very close to me is in the hospital this week, fighting an internal infection and hoping to avoid surgery. She said, “My stubborness and feeling that I could heal myself led to a serious infection.” For those of us who know we CAN heal ourselves, here’s my present view on self-healing vs. seeking medical help. (Like most of my perspectives, it has evolved over time and will no doubt continue to evolve.)

If you believe the Bible, Jesus was able to heal people with a touch of his hand. And even remotely, without touching them. More amazingly, he brought a dead person back to life (Lazarus). There are numerous stories throughout the ages of such miracle cures. I for one believe in the Jesus stories and am willing to give credence to any other such miraculous healings.

What did Jesus have that the rest of us don’t have? How could he heal without aid of doctors and expensive medical treatments but we have to rely on the medical arts to cure illnesses, set broken bones, and heal our emotional problems? I’ll tell you the answer: NOTHING.

And everything. Jesus had an unique perspective on life that allowed him to realize that all our physical and psychological ills stem from mental/emotional blocks to love. Those who had complete faith in HIS ability to heal them WERE healed. That’s why medical treatments cure – because the patient believed it would cure. That’s why faith healers cure – because they are believed to cure. That’s why homeopathy and Reiki and essential oils cure – because we believe they will cure.

By the same token, some of us are able to cure ourselves of stuff without aid of doctors, expensive medical treatments or even alternative, holistic therapies. I believe ALL of us have this healing power within us. But we have to travel our inner journey to realize it. We need to slough off our darkness, one forgiveness opportunity at a time. We need to shed our blocks to love so that our innate holy creativity may shine forth and restore our God-given perfect health.

In the meantime, while we are traveling the path to enlightenment, we can and should use doctors and healers to our advantage. I have argued with myself and others over the years about the shortfalls of our medical establishment and the pharmaceutical companies in favor of alternative therapies. At this point, my perspective is that at least for me, I need my annual physical to tell me what areas of my physical being need attention. And then I give those areas the love and release from darkness they need, without drugs or medical treatment. This works for me 100% of the time now.

For those of my brothers and sisters who are not at that point, realize that you CAN self heal. You DO self heal. But you still need the doctors and the treatments because you believe you need them. Do not judge yourself harshly for this belief system. You are a beloved child of God and He does not judge you. Keep working your journey and you’ll get to where you need to be.