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This is not a political diatribe. Instead, I’m sharing my feelings about the results of the American Presidential election just concluded. It is my deeply held wish that those on both sides of the political spectrum – Conservatives and Liberals – understand what just happened to some of us. Some of us feel actually violated.

As you know from my previous posts, I possess a Highly Sensitive Temperament. I feel things very deeply. There are thousands if not millions of people like me out there, across the country and around the world. Do not underestimate our powers! When in a place of love, we are powerful forces for love and light – you benefit from just being around us 🙂 Conversely, when in a place of pain, the darkness we feel and create around us is quite significant – not to be taken lightly.

It is from a place of trying really, really hard to heal myself from election-result-induced pain that I write this. Yesterday, I was in a state of mild shock and bereavement. My moods encompassed the first stages of grief: shock – pain – anger – depression. http://www.recover-from-grief.com/7-stages-of-grief.html  My grief comes from a number of perceived traumas. A list of my own appears at the end of this posting (perhaps other Romney supporters feel this way too). That way you can stop reading before you get there if you so choose.

Upon waking yesterday and finding the dismal news that we have another 4 years of this man and a Democratic Senate, I burst into tears. I posted on my personal Facebook page a comment about being “ineffably sad” and “in shock”. A small cry for understanding and compassion perhaps. The comments that post received are telling: one from a fellow Romney supporter also feeling very sad, one from an overseas friend who (rightly) says the Republican party needs to change, and one from a loved one who said “Oh bite it.”

Now to someone like me who is feeling like a starving, mangy dog in the street, “oh bite it” feels like a rib-breaking kick. That level of insensitivity causes such dark reverberations in a highly sensitive temperament that it could remain with me for years – indeed, the rest of my life – if I didn’t know how to heal myself of that injected trauma. I share this because there are thousands of people out there feeling as I do!

If you’re happy about the election, remember that many of us feel differently. We feel raped*, violated, depressed as hell about the direction this country has just taken. Please treat us gently. Remember we are your brothers and sisters. We deserve compassion as you would wish for yourself were the tables reversed.

*As one who has been sexually molested in childhood, I do not say “rape” lightly. Rape combines physical and mental violation with utter helplessness. I felt raped when Obamacare was passed the way it was. I felt raped when Obama called “executive privilege” on investigations into Fast and Furious. I will feel raped again when he calls it on the Libyan massacre in the next month or two. I feel raped everytime he blames the Republicans for the mortage crisis – hell, it happened on Barney Franks’ watch when he was the Chairman of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac! I feel raped when the Fourth Estate doesn’t cover the Libyan massacre for 2 weeks or Fast and Furious for 8 months.

Therefore, I reiterate my plea for compassion and understanding. Forgive us Republicans for our economic, political, and social perspective. Work with us. Don’t add to the hate that’s been piling up in this country for so long. Forgive, heal, add love and light.

It’s hard enough for me to get busy with the healing. It’s going to be impossible for those who don’t try.


WARNING! List of perceived traumas follows:

  • Obama lies so often, it’s painful to hear him speak anything at all. Now we have 4 more years of him in our faces. Lies and obfuscation about the Libya massacre top the list. Candy Crowley is just one of the mainstream media who do not want to hear the truth about things that make Obama look bad. The Fourth Estate is supposed to be SKEPTICAL about government – not on its side! If they don’t do the journalistic research, who will protect the public from tyranny? Say what you will about Fox News – at least they provide ONE voice of skepticism and journalistic digging.
  • If a majority of the American public really wants redistributionist economics (Socialism), are we on the path to Greece?
  • If a majority of the American public really wants to focus on gay rights, women’s rights to abortion and contraceptives, healthcare, and redistributionist policies, does the National Debt keep heading skywards? It’s already almost at $17 TRILLION, and we owe much of that to CHINA. I don’t think even China wants to hold that much American debt! What if we default? They would be thrown into chaos along with us!
  • To support the national debt, we will need to adjust interest rates higher, print more currency, and pretend the debt doesn’t exist. That means jobs NOT created, inflation, a further lowering of our debt rating, and the road to national and international chaos. No really.
  • Obama says he wants to lower the national debt. I’m crying while laughing. He had the opportunity to start on that the last four years. Instead he gave us Obamacare (and not ONE budget, which is an illegal act under the Constitution). Whether or not you agree with national healthcare, the way it was passed felt like rape. Nancy Pelosi saying, “We’ll know what’s in the bill once it’s passed” is unbelievably arrogant, irresponsible politics.
  • Obama decries partisan politics and yet upon entering his first term, he said to Republicans, “Elections have consequences and I won.” Basically, f**k you. The Republicans have been paying for that comment of OBAMA’s ever since with the label “obstructionist”. The Fourth Estate constantly calls Repubs the party of No. Think about that.
  • With all these factual strikes against Obama, how in God’s green Earth does he get elected? If a Republican president had these strikes against him, he’d have been ground into dust. What does this say about the American electorate – that they are blind to his flaws, charmed by his charisma, uninformed, don’t care about economics or Ambassadorial/Border Agent murders, or just plain stupid? I don’t know how else such a character can get voted into office … again.

I ask you to think about what you’re hearing in the news – and NOT hearing. I ask you to watch closely how America moves forward over the next 4 years. America has chosen its president and a majority Democrat Senate. Despite the level of hate and partisanship kept alive by Obama and pols on both sides of the aisle, we ought to be focusing on healing and forgiveness. Otherwise, we’ll have civil war.

It’s hard enough for me to get busy with the healing. It’s going to be impossible for those who don’t try.