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6 Questions to Ask a Past Life Therapist | Elmdea Bean.

Today I thought I’d share with you a very useful blogpost by my good friend and skilled past life regression therapist Elmdea Bean. It seems that lately past life exploration has been growing in popularity. There are books being published – both fiction and non-fiction – and movies coming out, like Cloud Atlas.

If one of Elmdea’s 6 questions resonates with you, I encourage you investigate whether you’d like a past life regression or reading. Whatever appeals to you is probably the right one for you. Elmdea is a trained past life regressionist and I am a pretty good past life reader. Contact either one of us if you feel so moved! I do long-distance by email, Skype, or phone as well as in person readings. Reach me at HealYourPastLives@ymail.com.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving if you celebrate it and all blessings to you and your families.