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After a healing session of any kind, your electrical system needs some rebalancing. This goes for any kind of healing you’ve received or done for yourself, whether it’s past life work, EFT, or traditional medicine (ESPECIALLY after traditional medicine or surgery.)

Note: If you’ve had a healing session by your holistic therapist, you probably got rebalanced by him or her. You may apply the following techniques daily thereafter.

I advise you do at least two things after every healing session: ground and center yourself and clear your chakras. In fact, you should do these two things daily until such time in the future when you don’t have to any more. I’ve been doing these things for so long, I only need it once in a while now.

There are a number of ways to do both of these things. Here are some simple meditations that anyone can do and which are 100% effective.

1.  Ground and Center. Take a deep breath in, hold for a few seconds, and release. Repeat two more times.

With your eyes closed, visualize a bright ball of light in the center of your brain. This represents your qi – your life force – which courses through your body along the body’s meridians and throughout all your cells. Now send it slowly down through the center of your body. Watch it descend through your naval center, through your hips, down through your legs, and into your feet. Now send it down through every layer of the Earth until it reaches the Crystal at the Center of the Earth. Wrap it like it is roots around that Crystal. Feel yourself deeply connected to the Earth via this qi connection from your head to the Center of the Earth.

Repeat this visualization from brain to Crystal two more times. Deep breath, release, and open your eyes. You should feel your feet a little heavier and your being more centered and grounded.

2. Chakra Clearing. I will excerpt from Doreen Virtue’s 2004 Angel Medicine, pp. 229-230:

Clearing and balancing the chakras helps us enjoy a greater amount of energy, enhanced psychic abilities, and better health. The intention is to enlarge all of the chakras equally, and to ensure their cleanliness inside and out. Think of chakras as porous jewels that need regular internal and external polishing. There are many methods to clear and balance your chakras. […]

Deep Foam Cleaning

Imagine pouring a pitcher of white, foaming liquid cleanser into the body through the crown chakra opening at the top of the head. See and feel this foam pouring over and into each chakra. The foam quickly deep cleans all grime, grease, and debris from the inside and outside of each chakra. Then ask Archangel Raphael to pour liquid green light inside of you to wash away all of the foam and debris – until your chakras are sparkling clear.

Angel MedicinePractice these two visualizations daily to re-train your body to function as God intended: in a perfectly healthy manner. That is your birthright. If you cannot get to 100% healthy, then you’ll at least be making strides towards that ideal. I guarantee you’ll start feeling better and your mind will be clearer and less scattered.