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A few posts back, I wrote about the possibility that all our lives are happening at once. I want to elaborate on that and then talk about some ways to make that work for us.

If in fact time is just a construct of the Ego, devised to make us think we’re aging and reincarnating/disappearing/going to heaven or hell, then it is not real. ACIM tells us that we ought to actively recruit the Holy Spirit to co-create the right usage of Time to forward our ascension and enlightenment. In the book The Education of Oversoul Seven, which I wrote about in that post referenced above, the author shows us how Time (past – present – future) is happening all at once. It just looks like past, present, and future.

If that is true, then we can access all of our lives to further our own ascension. I’ve been experimenting with sharing the energy of my own past lives to benefit my present lifetime. While the results are not in yet, I can say I have experienced energy shifts that were very real indeed. And my outlook has improved considerably. Let me tell you what I’ve been working on.

Prosperity MichaelangelMy current dilemma is one of the appearance of lack. Like so many others these days, we are suffering from the lack of money and resources and feel like we’re stuck in a holding pattern of frustrated dreams and a dismal future. I can tell myself all day long that this is only the appearance of lack and that the pattern will soon break. Most days that’s just not good enough! I have therefore been going from one healing modality to another, breaking old patterns, healing old wounds, EFTing the hell out of my body and mind, visualizing and praying for increased prosperity. I’m sure all these things have been helpful. I still don’t see any change in our situation however, and this has been going on for more than one year now.

Since the new thought about Time came to me, I’ve experimented with going into a past life of mine that was 100% prosperous and accessing that energy for this life. About a week ago, I found a past life that looked like this:

The time was the late 4th century AD and the place was Egypt. I was the owner of a circus (think Ben-Hur and the chariot race) and a shrewd, very wealthy businessman. I had no financial concerns whatsoever and money just seemed to come to me without much work on my part. I owned a number of the horses that ran in my circus and was very good to them.

Working with my angelic team (AAs Michael, Raziel and Gabriel), I asked to share in that prosperity energy. Life to life, I allowed myself in this incarnation to soak up that energy. I felt a great warmth and tingling of new energy in my torso. Without taking any away from that past life, I now shared in the 100% abundance energy. (I work with a rating system that mirrors the Pain Scale – 1 is abysmal and 10 is optimal.) Before sharing that past life energy, I was rate 3 on the prosperity scale. After sharing, I was up to 8!

I asked my angelic Team if there was a way to bump it up to rate 10. They said to go get another past life, so I did. That one looks like this:

In the 630s AD, I was an heiress in a country just south of Egypt. That entire life, I want for nothing. All my needs are taken care of and I have no resource worries at all.

I then repeated the energy-sharing exercise with my Team. This time I felt no energy infusion. But I had faith that it was accomplished. My prosperity rating was now up to 10!

Since then I have done the same exercise with my husband. As we both share in our prosperity status, he needed to increase his rating to 10 as well.

Since then, I haven’t seen much happen in the manifest world. Yesterday I became fearful that nothing’s going to change for us, that we’re just going to end up homeless and destitute. To combat the Ego’s hold over me, I asked my Team to speak to me through my Archangel and Goddess cards.

Fitness series - Blond woman in yoga positionIn a nutshell, I was told not to worry, that all is being taken care of, that we will be fine. I also got that I needed to meditate on the practical aspects of fixing our financial situation, that the cards weren’t going to tell me what I needed to hear. I asked if the angels would work with me in my dreams, as I am not a keen on meditating (unless I’m walking or just waking up in the morning).


ChinaI had a dream last night wherein I was in essence asked to let go of a trip to China. In my dream, I decided NOT to let go of that trip. My trip was then thwarted in every possible way (you know how those dreams go!) and I woke up. Fortunately, all this work I’ve been doing with Time gave me the idea to re-choose. I asked my angels to help me re-write the script in my dream so that I would choose to let go of that trip to China instead. Once the trip was let go, I got that whoosh of new energy in my torso that always confirms to me that something good has just happened.

I believe now that that was the last thing I needed to let go of before our new prosperity can start coming in. Stay tuned for more on this subject…