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The other day I did a past life reading for a client and discovered the existence of a new being: a cloud fairy!


As it turns out, they are only new to ME. Cloud fairies have been documented for quite a long time and people who have gifts I don’t have been interacting with them for eons.

Here’s an excerpt from the reading:

“You are on Earth but it’s a different dimension. You live in the skies above the Earth and you have a body like a set of curved combs. You are a cloud-comber by function. You actually rake the clouds because there is something in the clouds that you take as nourishment. It’s not water or something that lives in the clouds. It’s something that is an integral part of clouds that sustains you. You are also invisible to the naked human eye. Your body is vibrating on a frequency that falls outside of that which human beings can distinguish.

“In fact, we can safely call you a cloud fairy!

“So we have these cloud fairies in our clouds on this Earth too. This is great news. They direct the clouds and where they will go. They are some of the weather spirits I work with when I want to influence the weather.”

This was all before I had done any research about cloud fairies at all. I googled “cloud fairy” afterwards and found there are one or more games out there with this appellation. More toward my purpose, however, I found two or three sites devoted to fairies/faeries. In one of them I found this description from http://www.afaeryhunt.com/fairy_facts.htm :

CLOUD FAERIES: Cloud Faeries emerge as large formations in masses of clouds. They look like long humans. The cloud faeries help you with your imagination and
creation of the arts. They themselves are master sculptors making wonderful
images out of air and water. To call a cloud faery to you, it is best to summon
one around sunset or sunrise, for they use the elements of both in order to
create beauty. Call to them when you are about to make any form of art. If your
mind and heart are open to hearing them, they will help you.

Doreen Virtue’s book Earth Angels: A Pocket Guide for Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Starpeople, Walk-Ins, and Wizards (2002) unfortunately for us does not mention cloud fairies. Perhaps an updated version will. Many of the characteristics of fairies described in the Elementals chapter pertained to my client, however. For instance, their perspective on hard work and a tendency towards manifesting lack, a strong affinity for the outdoors, and a sense of humor that includes mischief-making.

Finally, you may want to click on this link: http://tanglefairies.blogspot.com/2011/03/cloud-fairies.html

Little Isabella, at age 5, wrote the story above about a cloud fairy. Although her mom posts it as a made-up story, those of us who know better might believe that Isabella really did interact with a cloud fairy. Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children (and the newer aura children for whom I do not know the designation yet) are all much more in-tune with the Spiritual dimensions than the rest of us.

Have any of you heard of or interacted with cloud fairies? Or fairies of another sort? Please post here if you have and tell us all about it!