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diamond ring

Last night I asked Archangel Metatron to teach me something I need to know while I slept. I often do this and I’m sure I always get something, whether I consciously realize it or not the next morning.

I awoke in the middle of the night, having had a dream in which I came upon a bunch of beautiful rings – gold and white gold with various inset gems – that were clearly mine. Nevertheless, I was happily surprised that they turned up, and I began collecting them and putting them on my fingers. I briefly saw the loveliest of them all – a white gold ring inset with diamonds – but then lost sight of it. I kept searching for it and finding other rings that were mine. When I awoke, I still hadn’t found it, and there were a number of other rings I was still searching for.

Metatron had answered my prayer for guidance. It didn’t take much intuition to realize the jewelry represented spiritual gifts that were mine for the taking. So I asked Metatron to bring those gifts out in me or, or give them to me, while I slept and however else he wanted to realize them for me. When next I awoke, I felt this “zing” of electric energy into my heart chakra and then throughout my body. It was clearly a gift, or gifts, being bestowed upon me.

heart chakra

I don’t know exactly what those gifts are but it doesn’t matter to me now. Whatever they are, they are wonderful and amazing! (The one I couldn’t find in the dream – the white gold diamond ring – is still to be found, by the way.)

Dream work can be very rewarding. Try it sometime! Just ask your angels or guides to guide or give you something you need and can use now. Then go to sleep and be sure that they have answered your prayers. Remember to say thank you! You can do this as often as you like. Heaven LOVES IT when you ask for its help.