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Archangel Metatron presided over an amazing purge dream I had this morning. (See previous post on Dream Work.)

I and a friend* wandered like Moses in the desert. I collapsed in the arms of family and passed out. I slept and slept and slept. I awoke face down on a bed in a room. I got up and wandered around the house in a daze. So hungry. I got a planter and ate slowly of the evergreen shoots. In the dining room, my family was loud and pushy and generally, overwhelmingly obnoxious to my newly purged senses. My being was repulsed and they watched me leave the room in sad disbelief, not comprehending what offense they were giving.

I went in a daze to the living room and had the notion to go outside and loll in the pool. Wanted to be outdoors. Then into the kitchen, continuing to eat slowly of the shoots. I noticed it was weird to be eating slowly and eating pine-needly shoots. But they tasted very good and were quite tender.

One of my sisters came into the room and sweetly offered to go swimming with me. She understood I was sensitive and was aproaching me in a delicate, loving manner. Then my dad (played by Will Ferrell !!) came in and stared at me anew. He got it. Next, I’m in the hallway/rec room with him and two tall children. I make an inclusive gesture to the girl and touch her hair. This is me rejoining the family. I still feel apart but am making the effort to be a part because they are my family.


Analysis: I see the rest of the Child of God as Will Ferrell because he normally plays the buffoon. But he occasionally plays a character with deep reserves. Most of the time he acts like a moronic goofball but then he does a movie like Stranger Than Fiction, which reveals his truer nature.

My family in this dream is the rest of the Child of God, of whom I am a part.

This dream had me doing the actual wandering, sleeping, feeling apart and choosing to rejoin my family. It was not a symbolic dream – it was me actually doing the real work of purging and rejoining. Thanks, AA Metatron! (I have said previously that doing your inner work during your sleep time can be very effective. This dream is a good example of that.)

In reality, I awoke anew into this world. Eating raw shoots in the dream points towards more mindfulness and vegetables in my diet. Wanting to be outdoors in the pool speaks to my need to spend more time in nature, probably in bodies of water when I am able to.

*The friend is an angel who is particularly good at shepherding people through their toughest journeys. I don’t know who it is or what he would be named. But he is not my angel alone; this is his particular magic – helping people find their way through the spiritual desert. Thank you, angel!