You’ve read some Colin Tipping here in this blog before. Here is a beautiful definition of forgiveness that accords perfectly with that of A Course in Miracles. Colin calls it “Radical Forgiveness”. This is ALWAYS what I mean when I talk about forgiveness:

Radical Forgiveness asks us to have the intellectual courage and willingness to entertain the possibility that there are no mistakes; that events happen not TO us but FOR us, and that everything that occurs is meaningful and on purpose in terms of our self-created Divine plan and our desire to evolve spiritually.

Colin goes on to explain further:

The Distinction

Radical Forgiveness is totally different from conventional forgiveness in the sense that:

a) Conventional forgiveness sees what happened only from the human perspective and holds onto the idea that something wrong or bad happened, and that the best we can do is try to “let bygones-be-bygones.” Radical Forgiveness, on the other hand, acknowledges the human perspective of what happened while recognizing the deeper and more profound truth that, from a spiritual perspective, nothing wrong ever happened, and there is nothing to forgive.

b) Conventional forgiveness works at the level of mind – it is a conscious decision that someone makes.  But the heart and subconscious mind may not agree with the conscious mind, which means the energy associated with the story is not dissipated.  This is why it takes someone years to truly forgive.  Very few make it.  Radical Forgiveness, on the other hand, works to instantly collapse the energy attached to the story.  In most cases, you will see instant results.