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We all have stuff that needs to be healed. Doing your forgiveness work is a never-ending chore we inherited when weHand of God incarnated. Not to forgive everything constrains us in our negative karma, holding us hostage to fear in all its forms by virtue of the baggage it weighs us down with. That’s a long sentence to say, if you don’t do your healing work, you will remain sad and fearful.

Thankfully, forgiveness opportunities abound (although “thanks” is not the word I use when one presents itself). As if there were not enough in this life, there are lots of them in our past lives. As I’ve said before, you probably can do all your healing in this life and get Home. But perhaps you are drawn to your past lives and want to explore where you’ve been and who you were. If you are feeling that pull, you may benefit from healing your past lives.

ArghhPast life forgiveness work is just as effective as forgiving your neighbor for planting a big tree on your side of the property line. Or your wife for burning the supper when you were super hungry. Or your husband for neglecting to take out the trash. Repeatedly. And it can be much easier because once you’ve healed the rift with that husband in the past life, you don’t have to live with him in the Now!

So what do you do when you have a past life reading and there’s stuff to forgive? It’s really quite simple. Not easy but simple. Follow these steps to joy.


  1. Go to a private, quiet place and invite Spirit to join you while you meditate on the reading you just got.
  2. Put yourself into the shoes of the person you were and feel the negative emotions. Was it a person who hurt you? Be angry – yell and slap him or her! They can’t be hurt now so go for it. Was it Life that betrayed you? Be angry and scream at the Universe – It can take it.
  3. Now put yourself in the shoes of the offending person. Why did they feel they needed to do what they did to you? Can you see that in their place, you might have reacted the same way? Find a way to understand their pain – that’s the motivating factor in any attack. Once you understand it, you will find you can forgive it.
  4. If it was Life that hurt you, ask Spirit to help you understand that this world is one of duality – light and dark, life and death. It is NOT the truth, however – it is merely a veil that hides the truth from us. Try to get to a place where you can intellectually understand that God’s truth is Oneness, Love and Eternity. This is not going to hapen in one sitting!!!!! That’s why you must ask Spirit to help you get there. And keep working at it. Since it is the truth, it will eventually sink in. We’re all stubborn but we’re not stupid.
  5. You might find at this point that you have done your forgiveness work. How will you know? Your heart will expand with love – the love you’ve been blocking out. You’ll feel an energy surge of love coursing through your body and mind. That’s what joy feels like! That’s the reason you want to forgive everything – it just feels good!

Past life readings aren’t for everyone. But for those who feel the pull, they can be very powerful healing modalities. If you are interested in having some of your past lives read, check the rest of my website out here. I look forward to being of service to you!

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