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Healing with Horse Collective

A good friend of mine shared with me a month-long audio series called Healing with Horse Collective http://www.healingwithhorse.com/index.html. If you have horses or just love them, then horse energy is for you!

For my part, horse energy has always been immensely attractive. Now that I’ve finally got an equine partner (Loretta), possibly the most valuable thing she’s taught me is how to honor the needs of another being by understanding that they don’t necessarily think like I do. Previously immovable barriers topple like the walls of Jericho when love, horse language, and proper leadership are learned and applied.

For anyone who wants to explore what horse energy might be waiting to add to their life: please register for the audio teleseries (link above) and tune in for some mind-boggling conversations. You won’t be disappointed. A taste of Session 11 follows:


If you have a soul contract with a horse, you might feel an incredible rush of energy upon meeting him or her for the first time. Or it might grow in you over time after that first meeting. The speaker, Asia Voight (animal communicator and renowned intuitive), met one of her horses Magic when he was 3 years old. That energy rush happened and was very disconcerting for her. She took this horse home and discovered later that he knew all about their past lives together. He was in her life to bring those memories up so that the negative energy associated with them could be released. How he did that was to amplify the tension and uncomfortableness she already felt when riding. He was telling her that every time you sit on me, I can feel this pain, anger, and shame from previous negative interactions together.

When Asia finally realized something profound was going on, she got off, sat down on the ground, and allowed the negative emotions to come up. She cried her eyes out as she watched the memories of those past life situations go by her inner eye. When she was done releasing the shame, anger and pain, she thanked Magic for helping her see what needed to be healed. The next time she approached him to ride, he showed her that her energy signature was completely new and lighter! He would be happy to have her ride on his back and it would be a very pleasant experience indeed! And that is exactly what happened for her – no more tension, no more discomfort. Just a lovely, easy, togetherness. He had brought his “magic” to her life so that she could be healed.


That is just one example of how horses heal us. And you don’t need to have a horse of your own to accept equine assistance. The greater equine energy they call the Horse Collective is available to all of us.

Tune into the audio series if you are drawn to this and enjoy. You have the entire month of April to take advantage of this powerful healing energy.