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Yesterday I wrote about healing with the energy of Horse. Today I will share a real-life experience with horse energy.

The theme of today’s post is “ouch”.

The sub-theme is “ask and ye shall receive.”

HorseshoeSince listening to the session on soul contracts with Horse on Thursday, I have done two days of releasing the shame and other negative emotions associated with my own treatment of horses in more than 700 past lives of mine. Thursday, I hung out with my horse Loretta and while she was grazing on spring grass (yum), I asked her to help me release those emotions. Out came the tears. Very intense and helpful. I said thank you.

Yesterday, I did some more releasing at home in the privacy of my office. More tears; very useful. I worked with the Horse Collective and asked that they help me get to a place of purity and love in my relationship with all horses.

Today I had the privilege of helping a lovely 12-year-old girl named Maddie learn some of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship games with her horse Mac. He’s a big chestnut gelding whom I’ve known for several years. We were having a great time teaching him some new games. After a while, he naturally got tired of doing them and did a little kick. I laughed and pet him (proper reaction) and backed off with a little undemanding walk together. Then I started up with another game, just walking together (the Driving Game). He was exhibiting dominant behavior by getting into my space with his head, so I used my carrot stick to tap-tap-tap his neck away from my face.

In a split second, he was ahead of me and kicking out. The kicks landed to the right of my sternum and on the inside of my right thigh. The wind was knocked out of me, and I dropped to my knees. His owner Mary was horrified and tried not to have heart failure while she asked if I was OK. I just needed to catch my breath and then I felt sure I’d be fine. Other girlfriends also watching were horrified. Poor Mac was … I don’t know actually! He stood aways away just looking at us.

It took me about 20-30 minutes to feel stable enough to drive home, which I did with no ill effects. (By the way, I had activated my MAP team about 10 minutes after the kicks. The team enabled me to stand up without feeling sick, which was pretty cool, I thought. See my previous posts on Medical Assistance Program (MAP)).

At home, I let myself feel the emotion I was trying to suppress: embarrassment and shame. The former because I should have known he was done before I pushed him beyond his limits. The latter because I was doing this in front of people and I should have known better. Crap. I hate shame and embarrassment SO MUCH but they are my old friends. Of course that’s what I felt.

I knew Mac was just being a horse so I wasn’t angry at him. I was just ashamed and embarrassed. After a short nap and some sitting in the sunshine, it hit me that those kicks were immaculately placed! Wonderful Mac had knocked the stuck energy from 700 past lives of negative interactions with horses right out of my heart chakra! A few inches to my left and he might have stopped my heart. Eight inches higher and he would have connected with my face, potentially killing me. A bit lower on the leg and my knee might have been broken. Instead he hit me on the (very cushy) part of my right breast and the well padded right thigh. Coincidence? I think not.

It is my belief that, perhaps out of a Soul Contract between Mac and me, he knocked the stuck energy out of my heart chakra when I was ready for it. He knocked my right leg into participating more fully in my physical stability (which it has studiously avoided for decades). This looks very much like an answer to a prayer. Thank you, Mac. I am so extremely grateful. You will be getting carrots for weeks from me!