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Colin Tipping’s newest publication, Expanding Into Love, contains some real gems. One of them is his 4-step process towards finding quick peace amongst the negativity. He calls it his Emerge-n-See process and these are the steps:

1. Look what I created!
2. Notice your judgments and feelings without judging them good or bad or wanting them to go away.
3. Find the perfection in the moment.
4. Feel the peace.

The premise on which this process is based is the core belief that everything we see “out there in the world” is just a projection of our own minds. Our ego places judgments of good and bad onto what we think we see. Holy Spirit knows the real meaning. We need to tap into that truth in order to find the peace within each moment.

So how does this work? Here’s an example from this morning that illustrates the power of this process in bringing out almost instant peace. [Caution: if you’re not ready for it, it probably won’t work. Try it and if you don’t like it or get it, don’t worry about it! Try it again sometime in the future when you want to give it another go.]

I made myself a breakfast smoothie but forgot to put the coffee into it. I put the top back on the blender and then washed some dishes while it blended. Done with the dishes, I turned around to find smoothie splattering all over the counter and cabinets. I had forgot to put the little cap onto the top! Normally this would have incensed me, as I am already tight for time before work. However, this morning I tried Emerge-n-See.

I said to myself, “Look what I created!” Already my mind had pivoted from “goddammit to hell!!” to “hey, I’m telling myself something valuable here!” (Step 1)

Step 2: “goddammit to hell!” but it didn’t really last very long because I was already in Step 3.

Step 3: Message: thoughtlessness is a time-waster. Had I given more attention to what I was doing when I put the top on the blender, I would have noticed the little cap was not on. In my haste to get things done, I wasted more time than had I given the moment the attention it deserved in the beginning.

Step 4: Yay! I took another step on the road to being “in the moment”. Thanks, self!

Try this process and see how it works for you!