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My sister-in-law’s brand new car just had a close encounter with a deer. While I don’t know how the deer fared, the car is a mess. Insurance will take care of that but at some cost in time, energy, and aggravation. Here is a technique you can use to minimize (even avoid?) hitting or getting hit by anything while driving.

Ask Archangel Michael (AAM) to please surround your car with protective blue light and keep it from hitting or being hit by anything at all (except bugs, air and raindrops!)

Visualize AAM’s blue light swirling around your car and ask him to keep it working, like a force field, for the entire trip and all future trips. Do this every time you get in any car – yours or someone else’s.

This works for any time you, your loved ones, or your possessions are in danger of being hit by anything. In June of 2012 when we had El Derecho (the big storm with hurricane-force gusts of wind), trees were coming down all over the area. Many houses were seriously damaged. Our trees are all compromised with disease and many did come down. There was one in the backyard in particular that needed to come down but we didn’t have the money. If it tipped in one direction, it would have come through the living room and/or kitchen. I asked AAM to make that tree fall in the opposite direction, away from the house, as well as any other trees that might be headed our house’s way.

Within 5 minutes, that tree came down. It landed across the yard, in perfect formation for Bob to go out there and chop it up for wood the next day. Not anywhere near the back porch or the house. Other trees came down and all fell away from the house. It was so incredible, even my skeptical husband thought there might be something to this spiritual protection!