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I didn’t vote for President Obama and so far, my belief that he is a self-aggrandizing, opportunistic, puffed-up illusion of a leader has not been shaken. HOWEVER, Spirit works in mysterious ways and maybe – just MAYBE – Pres Obama is the man to bring the world together for the first time in history.

In the very silly movie Evan Almighty, God says if we pray for courage, He doesn’t give us courage. He gives us the opportunity to be courageous. Likewise if we pray for world peace, He would give us the opportunity to bring about world peace. The Middle East conflict looks like quite an opportunity for just that.

A Course in Miracles’ very foundation says we create the world we live in through projection. We project what we perceive. It’s not the Truth that we perceive when we look at the world with our eyes but rather an illusion based on Ego’s desire to mask Reality from us and keep us unhappily seeking happiness.

I believe we’re projecting the Middle East conflict. As the whole of humanity, we’ve been coming to this for millennia. Regional hatreds have coalesced over the centuries to generate global hatreds. The West vs. the East. Christians and Jews vs. the Muslims. Western allies vs. Syria and Russia.

This is an OPPORTUNITY. We can choose war or we can choose healing. President Obama was elected not once but twice by a majority of people who are sick and tired of war and traditional US strong-arm tactics around the world. I used to see the world through hawk-ish eyes. Now that I’ve lived through several wars and conflicts, 9/11 and the War on Terrorism and all its ugliness and paranoia, my eyes have been opened. What “wimpy” Europe and cunning China perceive to be the way to “win” wars is pretty much spot-on. Political cooperation – through leadership by the USA – is the key. The US is thankfully still in a political position to lead a worldwide coalition of the key players – Russia, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Israel, China – towards putting the kind of pressure on Syria that is required to stop the bloodshed in that war-torn nation. I think we’re evolved enough as a species to sit down, figure out what each other wants, make some compromises, and come together as a global community to change Bashar Al-Assad’s mind about what he really wants to do in this lifetime.

President Obama has been playing at being the grand leader of a new era of hope and change. He’s got the experience and the support of a national electorate – not to mention the rest of the peaceful world – to lead by political coalition. I’m praying that he takes this opportunity to be the man he thinks he is. Surprise me, President Obama. I’m begging you and I believe in you.